5 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods

Description: This article will discuss the irregular periods include the causes, the symptoms, and medical treatment. Top home remedies for irregular periods will help you solve the problem.

The women menstrual period is about 28 to 35 days. If the cycle is longer or shorter and not stable, you may have irregular periods (oligomenorrhea).

Many reasons can lead to this condition. I will give you the information about the irregular period.

What causes irregular period? The symptoms and the medical treatment will let you understand clearly about this. Top home remedies for irregular periods will be your sidekick.

  1.                        The causes of irregular periods[i]

The change in menstrual periods often relates to the hormonal change. The estrogen and the progesterone control the menstrual. The imbalance of these hormones will lead to irregular periods. In the puberty time, the girl’s body has many big changes. They often need several years to get the hormone balance.

So during puberty, irregular periods often occur. When the women get pregnant and give breastfeeding the menstrual periods disappear. They can use the loss of periods is the first sign of pregnancy.

In the middle of age, the women start menopause. This time, they can get irregular periods. Stress, extreme losing weight can lead to irregular period as well.

  1.                        The symptoms of irregular periods

The symptom of an irregular period is shorter or longer cycle than usual. Sometimes the menstrual cycle can disappear. An average cycle often lasts from 28 to 35 days. The bleeding is from 3 to 7 days. You can count on your calendar to follow your periods.

III.                        The medical treatment and prevention of irregular periods[ii]

  1.     The medical treatment for irregular periods

The doctor will base on the causes to treat irregular period. The menstrual irregularities during puberty or menopause don’t need medical treatment. If you have stress you should relax with traveling or meditation.  A controlled birth pill may balance your estrogen and progesterone. You should go to see a doctor to seek medical treatment if needed.

  1.     The prevention of irregular periods

Irregular is a common problem for women. However, some tips can help you to prevent it. You should have a healthy diet. You should stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Some food you should add to your diet like carrot, papaya, and soy milk.

If you are smoking you should give it up. Smoking can change your periods and many other diseases like lung cancer. Stress and sleep disorder are risk factors for menstrual irregularity.

Keep yourself away from stress. You should go to bed and wake up early. Doing exercise daily will bring you a healthy body and reduce stress. You should monitor your periods per month.

This will help you figure out the problem early and have the best solution to avoid unwanted complication.

  1.                        Home Remedies for Irregular Periods[iii]

Here are some home remedies for irregular periods. They are simple and effective

  1.     Using ginger

People believe that ginger is useful for balancing the menstrual periods. Ginger also helps to reduce the menstrual pain. You can add the ginger powder in a cup of boil water. Leave it for a few minutes and add a little sugar to have a nice taste. You can buy the ginger tea at a drug store or a supermarket. You should drink this tea daily in a few months. Ginger tea is good for hypotension too.

  1.     Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a medicine in traditional medicine. Cinnamon helps to warm up the body. Experts say that this herb regulates the menstrual cycle because of hydroxychalcone property.  You can add a haft of a cinnamon spoon into your glass of milk. You can drink cinnamon tea daily. Chewing dry cinnamon can be a great ideal.

  1.     Eating Papaya

Green papaya is used to improve the size of the breast. It also regulates the irregular periods. You can cook the unripe papaya or make papaya juice. Papaya increases the blood flow into the uterus. Thus, you shouldn’t eat papaya in your bleeding days.

  1.     Carrot

Carrot is rich in iron which can prevent lack of blood by lacking iron. Carrot improves the function of hormone which helps to regulate the menstrual cycles. You can eat the raw carrot or drink the carrot juice. Boil the carrot with water to be soft to eat. You can make a salad with a carrot. You should put the carrot in your daily diet. Carrot also contains carotene which is good for eyes.

  1.     Soy milk

You know that soy milk improves the women’s endocrine system. Thus, soy milk is a great thing in the list of home remedies for irregular periods. People see that drinking soy milk can increase the size of the breast and improve the skin texture.

You can drink soy milk. Alternatively, you can dry the soy seeds and grind it. Take some spoon of soy powder into a cup of hot water. Add sugar as needed.

This drink will give you a lot of energy and nutrients in the morning.

In conclusion, medical treatment can be effective but it can bring you some side effects. Top home remedies for irregular periods will be useful for you without any adverse effects. Having a good lifestyle will improve your health and your menstrual period too.


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