5 Tips to Adjust Rotary Sprinkler Heads

Adjust Rotary Sprinkler Heads

Installing a rotary sprinkler system can provide many benefits to your lawn. They maintain the quality of your landscape and keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round. Many homeowners today are switching out their fixed-spray-head sprinkler nozzles with high-efficiency rotary heads.

They send out water at a much slower rate so that the ground gets more time to absorb it. This allows the sprinkler to be more efficient and lower waste. But, you need to ensure the head is well adjusted at the starting of each season. 

With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to adjust the irrigation system of your home perfectly. It ensures sprinklers function at their peak levels. This allows your lawn to be watered well throughout the year while lowering waste and over-spray.

Why Adjusting Sprinkler Head is Essential?


Adjusting sprinkler heads can make a big difference to your lawn health. You will need to adjust it to spray pattern, get the arc and coverage your yard needs from time to time. Adjusting sprinkler heads is all about offering the appropriate water amount to the different areas of your lawn.


If you spot areas of your grass that are dying or have puddles of water after the sprinkler is on, then it means your sprinklers need adjustment. It will help you to provide more water to that area and make it healthy again. Learning how to adjust sprinkler heads is simple and does not even require specialized tools.


How to Adjust Rotary Sprinkler Heads?


The biggest benefit of investing in the rotary sprinkler heads is that they can provide optimal versatility. You can alter the width and radius of the water easily. Adjusting rotor nozzles depends on one product to another.


Every type of sprinkler head should come with its very own set of rules for making the adjustments. Follow the tips below to adjust rotary sprinkler heads:

  1. Find the Right Tool 

On the side of your rotary sprinkler heads, find a screw and pick an appropriate screwdriver for adjusting it. Few heads need a flathead screwdriver, and others need specialized adjustment tool. 

Using a small screwdriver, you’ll need to either tighten or loosen the screw to accomplish the desired outcome.

  1. Make Sure Head is Flat

Ensure the head is flat to the horizon. This step lets the head function to its peak level.

  1. Adjust the Radius 

We recommend pre-installing the head nozzle before you place your sprinkler in the ground. If you own a rotary sprinkler head, adjust the spray radius. It means you need to adjust the spray distance. This allows you to identify how far the head will spray and how far the head will rotate when it’s on. 

To adjust the radius, just turn the screw clockwise direction. It will decrease the flow of water. It is mainly beneficial if you are struggling with the over-spraying issue. To increase the water pressure, simply turn the screw counter-clockwise.


  1. Adjust the Arc

You also need to adjust the arc distance of the spray. It is the length, angle, or circumference of the nozzle that will output water. You need to adjust the angle arc in a way like that of the spray sprinkler. To adjust the sprinkler head arc, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn your system on and set the stop point on the left.
  2. Hold the rotary sprinkler using your hand.
  3. Find the “plus” and “minus” signs on the top of the sprinkler rotor.
  4. Use your other hand and rotate the head of the sprinkler to the other side. You can turn it to the point where you want the water to ooze out.
  1. Adjust the Fixed Side of the Arc

Identify whether the head is fixed to the left or right. Turn the sprinkler head to ensure the arc’s fixed side is following the starting point. Now, it’s time to switch on your rotary sprinkler and allow them to cycle three times. Set the final rotation point using the arc adjustment.


Having the best rotary sprinkler is not sufficient for a gardener. You must also learn how to adjust the sprinkler head properly. Your lawn must receive the right amount of water in the region where it requires the most. Rotor sprinkler heads spray a single stream of water as they rotate around.

But failing to align sprinkler heads properly can lead to serious long-term problems. They can cause dry spots in a lawn, water wastage, and even cause your lawn to die. Therefore, make sure you keep the tips mentioned above in your mind before using your rotary sprinkler system.

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