5 Ways That You Can Make Your Office More Inclusive

inclusive office environment

Inclusion is the buzzword in 2022, where political correctness and gender equality rule and if you are looking for ways to bring more inclusion into your office, you’ve come to the right place. Of course, the goal is to create an ambience that everyone warms to and it is oh so easy to exclude people without realising it. Here are a few ways that you can create a more inclusive office environment. visit here

  • Incorporate Diversity And Inclusion Into Your Core Concept – If you and your managers are actively promoting diversity and inclusion by making it part of your mission and vision statements, this will trickle down through the organisation. With managers sponsoring this perspective, employees will follow and having an inclusive working environment is something to include in your company bio.
  • Introduce Inclusive Language – If you replace words like, husband and wife, with partner or spouse, you are modelling inclusion and when you do forget, pull yourself up, apologise and continue with the program. When employees see you pick up your own shortcomings, they will admire your honesty and we are, after all, only human.
  • Seek Out An HR Consultant – The best way to formulate an inclusive working environment is to approach an HR consultant, who has a wealth of knowledge about inclusive best practices. With an on-demand 24 hour health and safety advice for UK employers and for bosses in other countries, you will always be sure of health and safety compliance. They can design your corporate infrastructure to promote inclusion at every level. You have to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk if you are to be taken seriously.
  • Recognise And Reward High Performance – This should be applied across the board, from your top designer to the office cleaner and everyone in between. Prior to your quarterly meeting, take a good look at all employees and how they have performed and make sure you are not always rewarding the same people. If you can make every single employee feel special, this will develop an inclusive team bond.
  • Recognising talent in your company is key for morale and productivity. Going a step further than a simple page printed off for the employee of the month shows a level beyond doing the minimum. Digital signs can help with company culture and also help with showing recognition.
  • Gender Neutral Relaxation Areas – Why not create a rest and relaxation area for everyone to use? Some offices are already using ‘gender neutral’ restrooms, although this should really a democratic decision. It is a good idea to call a staff meeting and bring up the topic of inclusion. Ask your team to brainstorm ways to make their working space more inclusive and see what they come up with. Of course, you should already have a list that you prepared earlier and many of those points would probably be on their list.Gender Neutral Relaxation Areas

If you want some professional help creating an inclusive workspace, talk to a leading HR consultant, who can revamp your office environment and bring inclusion into the picture. The HR team would conduct a needs assessment, looking at all areas of HR and formulate a proposal, which, when approved, is implemented. Every business wants employees who feel like they are part of the family and with the right inclusive initiatives in place, your organisation will benefit in many ways.


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