6 Essential Nutrients to Improve Your Brain Fitness

Brain Fitness

We’re serious about taking care of our bodies, shouldn’t we feel the same way when it comes to taking care of our minds?

Yes! Our brains have been under cared for, mostly because doctors and scientists are still trying to understand how they work. A lot of issues that we experience, such as anxiety and depression, all start in the brain. And when we have a lack of mental clarity (and in more extreme cases brain fog), there is potential for serious illness.

Brains are working all the time, even when we’re sleeping. For our brains to be in top shape, they need to receive premium nutrients. In addition to not getting enough sleep and a lack of exercise, a poor diet is responsible for many of the problems we experience in our brain. Without certain nutrients, we can experience neuroinflammation and a lack of blood flow, which can have harsh side effects. So which are the best nutrients to keep your brain in top shape? Here are six nutrients to improve your brain fitness, and where to find them.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 supports your mitochondria, which is responsible for producing cellular energy. This vitamin supports both your nervous system and neurotransmission, allowing your brain to better communicate with itself. Healthy mitochondria will help you to feel alert, in addition to stabilizing your mood. It can be found in non-processed meat, fish, and eggs. Supplements or brain food is a great way to get vitamin B12 if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D also supports your mitochondria, keeping your brain sharp and energized. It helps create a stabilized mood and improves the ability to acquire knowledge and understand thought, also known as cognition. You can get vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, but it is also available in your daily food intake. Fish oil, fatty fish such as salmon, and mushrooms all contain this vitamin.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

You may not have ever heard of carnitine, but it has been used to treat many health problems, including Alzheimer’s disease and depression. The day to day benefits include improved focus, better cognition, better concentration, and retention of both short term and long term memory. L-Carnitine promotes brain energy and helps brain cells communicate with each other. You can find it naturally in beef, chicken, and asparagus.


Having a balanced mood is key to keeping your brain clear enough to make rational decisions. Inositol helps your brain cells communicate better with each other, and this not only leads to better focus but also sharper attention and mental clarity. The good news? Inositol can be found in a variety of foods, including brown rice, fruits, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.


Mental acuity or cognitive decline changes your ability to focus, make rational decisions, and quickly remember information. This amino acid supports your nervous system, which promotes calmness and mood balance. It also helps you to feel well-rested. Drinking green tea can help to increase the levels of L-Theanine in your brain.


Niacin is a form of vitamin B3, which is an essential nutrient for all humans. Every part of your body needs niacin to function properly, including your brain. Niacin can boost brain function, working with vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 to support healthy energy reactions in the brain. Additional benefits include improved cognition, memory, and overall well-being. Excellent sources of niacin are meat, ginger, and whole-grain wheat.

If you take your brain health seriously you will feel increased focus, clarity, and memory. There are many foods that can provide you with essential nutrients for optimal brain function, and there are great supplements available to improve your brain health.


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