6 Reasons Why Filing a Police Report is Necessary Following a Truck Accident


Although a police record is not required when claiming compensation for injuries you sustained in a vehicle accident, it gives the insurance provider crucial information about your claim. Additionally, a police officer is trained to investigate car accidents and provides an unbiased third-party account of what happened, which can be very convincing to an insurance adjuster handling your claim. Similar to how having one strengthens your case, lacking one makes the accident seem trivial and less likely to have resulted in serious damage. It is a good idea to file an accident report, even if there is little damage, so that the specifics are documented. 

Sometimes the damage is not immediately apparent after a collision, and you may subsequently discover more harm or loss. You will incur many financial losses due to a truck accident. You must file a lawsuit after a truck accident since it is the only way to recover from the financial losses you incurred from the accident.

Following are a couple of reasons that will convince you of the importance of filing a police report after a truck accident;

No Manipulation of Evidence

After you leave the scene of the collision, you have no idea what the other driver will decide to do or say. Making a report enables the police to ensure that the information is accurate. The police report also includes a variety of information like road and weather conditions which can affect the outcome of a case. 

Everything is Recorded

The incident’s time, place, and date will be reported in a police report. If the reckless driver tries to dodge liability by disputing the incident, this can help you prove that the accident took place exactly how you are stating it. The police report is a great way to determine liability  in any accident case.

Contains Contact Details

You will need the other driver’s insurance company’s contact information to make a claim, and the police report will also include this information about any witnesses to the collision. Since you were involved in the collision and might not be in the best shape to gather this information making thepresence of a police officer is necessary at the scene. 


You and the other motorist will both be asked to give statements to the police officer, who will then record this information in the police report. This will offer you details about how the other motorist believes the collision occurred, and it can even contain incriminating quotes in which they accept fault. The policeman might also include comments from witnesses that could support the other driver’s negligence.

Explanation of What Happened

The policeman will describe how the accident happened and their judgments on who was at fault. The report will also list any vehicle damage, victim injuries, weather conditions, and other circumstances that may have contributed to the collision.

Diagram and Photographs

Police officers frequently include a diagram that depicts the crash site and the point of impact.In the case of significant collisions, the police report might also include images or footage the officer took of the crash site, the damage to the cars, and other things. If any of the drivers involved in the event received prior citations, it will also be noted in the police report.

Whether or not you called the police after your truck accident, the negligent driver’s insurance company may be required to pay damages for your injuries. Skilled truck accident attorneys can help you with your claim and answer any questions which can prove beneficial for the outcome of your case.


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