7 Epic Things All Adventure Travelers Must Do in Nepal

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Nepal is a country of varied landscapes. From lower flatlands to higher sky-rocketing peaks, mother nature has provided all of things to Nepal, there is nothing more to ask for. There are only a few countries like Nepal that have all in their boundary;plain lands, high hills and snowy mountains. And, this variation has given grounds for many adventurous activities in Nepal. Mountaineering, Trekking, Rafting, Bungee Jumping etc

Each of the recreational activities that you can do while in Nepal are equally exciting and worthy. There are many fast-flowing rivers, deep gorges, rough and bumpy landscapes, high mountains and dramatic trekking trails. The geographical diversity of Nepal is so vivid that it can easily come ahead in list when it is about adventure. Don’t forget that the world’s highest mountain Mt Everest(8,848m) with 7 other 8kers lie in Nepal. And two most popular treks in the globe i.e; Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek also do start and end in Nepal. 

But the fact is, among all of the adventure activities, mountain climbing and trekking are the only picked adventures in Nepal. But people don’t know that there are some more adventure-filled things to do in Nepal. Therefore, to make you guys aware, we have come up with the article about “7 Epic Things all Adventure Travelers Must Do in Nepal”.

7 Epic Things All Adventure Travelers Must Do in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

What is the first thing that snoozes in the head when hearing “Nepal”? Without any second thought, it is Mount Everest, the World’s tallest peak. And, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is one of the major adventures in Nepal. This thrilling journey takes you to the foothill of mighty Everest to enjoy its glory. Your heli ride begins with flying from the packed city of Kathmandu, through scenic hills and landscapes to the freezing and eye-catching ground of Everest Base Camp.

Within some timeless hours, you will get to taste the adventure of Mount Everest and then make your way back to your bed. This helicopter tour will provide you with more happening than you asked for. You’ll land at Kala Patthar(5,643m) to sight the best view of Mt Everest and adjacent peaks.  The air is so thick there at the base camp that you will push your limits of adventure to complete the helicopter tour. You have to hold your breath while flying over varied and rough landscapes of Himalayan Nepal. In a Nutshell, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a bucket-list trip for adventurers.

Trekking in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek, these two popular trips are enough to explain what it is like to trek in Nepal. But, anyway, let’s add some points. Nepal is a top destination for adventurers who love to walk on the trekking trails. The trekking routes of Nepal are like of nowhere else, you will trek around the highest land in the world. There are numerous treks available in Nepal that can make your trekking hunger go away. 

The adventure of trekking in Nepal is more than any other place is due to its high altitude trekking trail. Most of the accessible treks of Nepal lead you to trek in the highland of up to 5600m. And, trekking in those high altitude treks is another level of adventure in itself. The views that you get throughout the trekking in Nepal are heavenly, so don’t forget to bring a camera with you.

Mountaineering in Nepal

Mountaineering in Nepal, has the most share in making Nepal so popular country in the World. Mt Everest, Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu, these all top five peaks lie in Nepal. Nepal is a land of highest himalayas and the ultimate destination of every mountaineer. Mountaineering is the highest adventure that anyone could do on earth. And doing the highest adventure in the highest mountains is another level of thrill.

Thus, we can say that Mountaineering in Nepal is the most adventurous journey that anyone can ask for. There are peaks from lowest 5000m to highest 8848m which are dared by many climbers. The list also includes trekkable peaks also, so if you are someone who just wants to trek the mountain but not to climb high peaks, you have the deal here. Mera Peak Climbing, Island Peak Climbing, Lobuche East Peak Climbing are some of the top easy peak climbs in Nepal. You can embark on any of the expeditions to push your adventure to a higher level.

White Water Rafting in Nepal

Most of the Rivers of Nepal flow from the high Himalayas with electric speed. And, you know the White Water Rafting adventure is best when it is in the fast-flowing rivers. Nepal got numbers of thundering rivers so why not Rafting in Nepal? Trishuli, Kali-Gandadki, Karnali, Bhote Koshi, Sun-Koshi are the well-known rafting white water rivers of Nepal. Some of them are popular worldwide too.

Every year many adventure-seekers visit Nepal only to shake their body and soul via rafting. The rivers of Nepal are not only fast-flowing but also equally scenic. Nepal’s rivers are safeguarded by the green landscapes and whitish peaks. Therefore, White water rafting in Nepal is a must do adventure in Nepal if you are an adventure sick. Plus, you can add fishing with Rafting as these both adventures share the same grounds most of the time. So, it would be no trouble carrying the fishing rod and fishing sunglasses on the rafting tour to Nepal. 

White Water Fishing in Nepal

White Water Fishing in Nepal is a burning adventure right now, which is gaining popularity day by day. The Himalayan rivers and lakes are home for more than 185 fish species. This diversity of fishes has provided an adventurous ground for anglers/fishers. Fish enthusiasts from various corners of the World come here to Nepal to try their luck catching Himalayan fishes.

The major fishing spots for anglers in Nepal are Trishuli, Karnali, Indrawati, Sun Koshi, Fewa Lake and many more. And these water areas are dotted with fishes like Rainbow trout, Carp, Catfish, Golden Mahseer, Silver Mahseer and 180 more. Anglers doing fishing in Nepal will not only get fish treats but also with the scenic views of Nepali landscapes. Most of the fishing rivers flow through nice-looking landscapes. You will get to inhale two adventures in one outing. Therefore, grab your fishing rod, Ultralight Spinning Reel, line, hook, and bait and hit the road to Nepal.   

Paragliding in Pokhara

“Pokhara” is a repeatedly heard word while in Nepal, it is a touristic hub for any foreigners. This popular city of Nepal hosts more tourists more than any other city of Nepal. There are many things that a traveler can do in Pokhara but the Paragliding makes this place more special. 

The thermal Paragliding in Pokhara is world famous. By paragliding in Pokhara, you get to rise above the sky to enjoy the view of the mountains, hills, lakes and settlements . You can find a true answer for your adventure by doing Paragliding in Nepal. Every second of the fly, your heart will pound hardly to ask you for coming out of the mouth. Therefore, Paragliding in Pokhara is one of the epic things that adventure travelers must try in Nepal. 

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee Jumping is another adventure that you can pick while in Nepal. There are some deep cliffs and river gorges in Nepal, which facilitates thrilling jumps.The two most popular destinations for Bungee Jumping are; one in Pokhara and another in Bhotekoshi River Gorge. 

Bhotekoshi River gorge Bungee Jumping is more popular and adventurous than the Pokhara’s. Being one of the deepest bungee jumping, the Bhote Koshi has attracted and enthralled many souls till now. This 160 meters deep jumping site makes you tear the clouds of fear and lift the energy level. Pokhara’s bungee jumping is also optable one which makes you jump from a good height. The only difference is it is a bit shorter than the Bhotekoshi River’s Jump.


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