8 Factors Which Affect the Value and Price of Gemstone


Do you like to buy Gemstone? Then what you must know are some factors which can affect the value and price of gemstones. We often go to jewelers to estimate the cost of a gem.

However, when we know the certain necessary information, we are better able to evaluate a gemstone own your own. So, time to know about all those factors which make and break gemstone value.


You can find gemstone imitations which exactly look like natural stone, but their chemical composition and properties are different from the rock they are imitating. Glass is the most common imitation material while in certain countries cubic zirconia, blue topaz, red garnet are also used.

You should know that the value of imitations is always lesser than real stone. So, if a trader gives you an impression at the price of natural stone, then you should watch out its material carefully.


You have seen many times that a gemstone has a star structure-asterism inside, this kind of stone is commonly known as star gemstone. Many traders create a perfect star through treatment, and they sell it as star stone. The value of star gemstone is dependent on the quality and sharpness of star. So, when you opt for shopping a gem which has an attractive asterism, make sure you can make a difference between real and human-made structure.


In the world of Gemstone, color is the leading price factor. There are many unique colors of Gemstone available in the market such as unique orange, pink sapphire, royal blue sapphire, pigeon blood in ruby, etc. It means when a salesman got a fashionable gemstone color then you need to get ready to pay a high price for its unique hue.


It is a widespread kind of Gemstone available in the market. The value of composites is very less in comparison to natural stone.

When Gemstone is made by using two or more different kinds of the material, then it is known as composites.

You can find dublets and triplets easily in the jewelry shops. Clear quartz is the most common composite available, a thin layer of opal is mixed with the dark base material.

So, if you find a composite, then you should estimate its value lesser than natural stone.


Gemstones are treated to enhance their color, sharpness, and clarity. A treated gem has a lower value than a natural gemstone.  

No doubt, a treated stone looks attractive but it never matches a natural stone in terms of its beauty, magnificence and internal structure.

The most common words of treatments are heated, dyed, fracture filled, oiled, etc.

Natural or Synthetic

Natural gemstones are hard to find, but they are available to purchase. Synthetic gemstones are human-made gemstones which are manufactured in the laboratory.  Synthetic stones are made by using the same crystal structure and a material like natural stone. The price difference between artificial and natural stone is extremely high.

As you know, natural stone is rare, so their price is quite high. However, synthetic stones are human-made structure, but their price is more upper than imitations, yet lower than natural gemstones.  The good thing is that you can buy natural Gemstone online.


The value of a gemstone is also dependent on the precision of its cut. A poorly cut gemstone has a meager value.

However, when you find a stone which shows a high cut, then you will have to pay a little more for it. The person who is going to cut the Gemstone must have complete knowledge regarding the fact how the light rays will pass, retract and reflect just to demonstrate full light, fire, and brilliance, especially in the case of a diamond. The cut must be done in a way that light trap inside a gemstone in a way that it reflects from its crown.


When you are going to get faceted Gemstone, then clarity is indeed the most critical factor. It’s a measurement of the level of distraction that the inclusions cause to the overall beauty of a gemstone.

Many Gemstone comes with unavoidable compositions like features, lines, needles, etc.

When there are more distracting inclusions in a gemstone, then its value will be lesser.

So, what people like to get the most is a gemstone with less distracting inclusions.

Wrap up

I have shared details of 8 critical factors which affect the value of a gemstone. After getting this information, you can know which Gemstone is priced higher than other and at what grounds.


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