9 Health Benefits to Rowing at Home

Benefits of Rowing Machine Workout

Most of us would love to have the convenience of being able to work out at home. But we sometimes do not have the knowledge of what workouts to do or try and that can be very overwhelming to us. Time is a very big factor as well, being able to wake up and exercise without having to leave your house eliminates time spent driving to and from the gym. There are several reasons rowing at home is gaining a lot of buzz for being a great, convenient workout for us to do without having to leave the house!

  • Calorie Burner: A big benefit for us rowing at home is it is a great calorie burner. For many of us slimming down is one of our goals and rowing at home provides a very efficient way of burning calories & shedding some weight! Ten minutes of rowing at home can burn up to 100-200 calories!
  • Full Body Workout: When we are rowing at home it is giving us a great full-body workout. Rowing at home provides us the chance to work out our legs, arms, back, and core all without having to use all the different machines we would traditionally have to use at the gym to target all these muscle groups.
  • Low Impact High Intensity: Another major benefit to rowing at home is that it is a low impact, high-intensity workout. This is very helpful for us that have any injuries or joint pain that we are dealing with. An additional perk to rowing at home is that there is a low risk for any new injuries.
  • Posture: Many of us spend several hours a day hunched over a desk while at work. When done correctly and using the proper form rowing at home can really benefit those of us that need help improving our posture.
  • Mental Health: We know rowing at home provides us with a great workout but we can not forget the wonders it does for our mental health! When we find ourselves in the zone while rowing at home it can actually be a calming, almost meditative experience. You get yourself into a rhythm and that is when you really start to feel these advantages.
  • Not Disruptive: Rowing at home is the perfect answer for those of us who want to be able to work out at home but live in an apartment or condo where we have people below us. Rowing at home on a rowing machine is a very quiet form of exercise that does not require us to jump around causing us to be loud.
  • Compact: Another advantage to rowing at home is that many of the rowing machines are made to be able to fold up for easy storage so they don’t take up a lot of space! After we are done with our exercise we can put the rower away under the bed or in a closet so it is not in our way when we are not using it.
  • Personalized: Rowing at home allows us to personalize our workout. We are able to use the different settings on the rower until we find the proper one for our individual needs. Once we feel like we’ve mastered the setting we start with we can change it, therefore, upping the intensity of the workout.
  • Mastering the Technique: One of the really fun parts to rowing at home is getting better at it. The more time we spend rowing at home the more we improve our skills and the more efficient we become in turn giving us an even better workout!


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