The Fastest Way To Get A Replacement SS Card in Louisiana

SS Card in Louisiana

Social Security Background

The Social Security Program is over 80 years in operation. It was a social insurance program that was instituted by U. (safe online pharmacies in canada) S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934. Social Security is provided to all Americans. It is paid based in the form of a workers’ insurance program that guarantees a future payment based on your salary and location. It is basically paid out at retirement age to individuals and/or their families.

Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are also provided to the disabled and to deceased families of former working employees. A monthly check is issued to those who qualify. Millions of American citizens rely on Social Security as a financial supplement and to financially help support their lifestyle, especially retirees.

Important Identification System

A Social Security card is a nine-digit form of identification. As an American citizen, you will receive a Social Security card. Social Security cards were once solely used as a form of personal identification. Today, your Social Security card is required to identify you in various transactions depending on which state you reside in. Here are a few reasons why a Social Security card may be required:

  • Applying for a credit card to verify your creditworthiness
  • Applying for a job so that your wages are reportable on W-2 forms
  • Shows your eligibility as a citizen of the U.S., whether naturalized or as an approved citizen
  • Educational institutions may ask for identification proof with a social security card verification
  • Opening a bank account for future financial transactions and reporting interest accruals
  • Medical facilities in different states may ask for your social security card for insurance purposes.

How To Replace A SS Card

As you can see, a Social Security card is a vital part of our daily lives. Therefore, if you have lost your card there is no reason to become stressed. There are several ways in which you can easily replace your card in Louisiana. You can mail in a specific application form, go to your local Social Security Administration office located throughout Louisiana, or apply online for a replacement card in Louisiana.

Louisiana Replacement Card Process

Do not worry, there are no fees in replacing your SS Card in Louisiana . The Social Security Administration does not charge for replacement cards. Also, you can replace your Social Security card at least 3 times in a year or at least 10 times during your lifetime.

It does not matter if you are receiving a Social Security card for the first time or whether you lost your card. The Social Security Administration operates the same in all of the U.S. states when it comes to your needing another card. This includes the state of Louisiana even though its laws are administered differently than from other U.S. states.

Louisiana law is based on a different set of legal codes based on French, Spanish, and Roman laws. However, when it comes to Social Security rules, every state operates on the Social Security Administration requirements.

In-Person Application

After waiting in line, you will be given an SS-5 Application Form to fill out. The SS-5 Form allows you to both apply for a new Social Security card or for a replacement Social Security card. The documentation you will need to get started is original proof of your Louisiana identification. Identification proof can be in the form of a drivers’ license, a passport, or a standard state-issued photo identification card.

There are other forms of identification documents that are acceptable by the Social Security Administration. These documents also must show your legal name and birth documentation based on varying issues such as military personnel or an expat. It generally takes up to two weeks or less for you to receive your replacement Social Security card in Louisiana.

Mail-In Application

In mailing a request for a replacement Social Security card in Louisiana, you must provide a completed SS-5 Social Security Administration Application form. Your SS-5 Application Form must be accompanied by the specified original documents identified above. More importantly, the documents must include a government-issued photo ID, a passport, a Louisiana driver’s license, or a Louisiana photo issued identification card.

Depending on your personal circumstances, individuals can also send in certified approved identification documents that are acceptable by the Social Security Administration Office. Once your application has been approved, your Social Security replacement card will arrive within 10 to 14 days. Since you mailed in your form with your original paperwork, these documents too will be returned to you.

Online Application

Thanks to the Internet, the fastest way to get a replacement Social Security card in Louisiana is by applying online. The steps required are as follows:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Establish a Social Security account by clicking on “my Social Security account.” Create a username and password. An online Social Security account is established for each individual. In other words, it is just one account per person.
  3. Provide the required personal information such as the following:
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Documentation showing legal mailing address
  • Must be 18 years old
  • Social security number
  • Proper documentation showing your legal name
  • Photo ID copy
  1. You will then be asked the purpose of your visit to the site. This is where you will check off the box for a replacement card.

Within 10 minutes you will have completed your replacement card request. Then allowing from 10 to 14 days delivery, you will receive a new replacement Social Security card. As you can see, in Louisiana replacing your Social Security card is an easy process.


Filling out a Form SS-5 is the only way you can apply to receive a Social Security card for any reason. In Louisiana, when you have completed the form and submitted it with the proper identification required by the Social Security Administration, then you will receive your card in a truly short time frame. Please remember to hold onto it because it is a piece of identification that many businesses will ask for during your lifetime.



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