Abella Eyewear: The Fastest Growing Eyewear Brand

Abella Eyewear Glasses

The millennial’s have a new eyewear brand to look out for; with more than 62000 followers on Instagram, Abella Eyewear is here to stay! Success is not to have a huge number of followers but to have them in such a little time! Within 6 months, Abella Eyewear managed to become a massive family of 62k+ followers!

You must be wondering what is so special about this Eyewear brand to attract so much fan base in so little time. Well, nothing comes without hard work and dedication. Their marketing game is strong because their target audience is fashion enthusiasts who are always up to set trends for others to follow.

Nowadays nothing is possible without exceptional marketing skills and Abella Eyewear is definitely aware of this fact. But besides the brilliant marketing scheme, 3 things that shape the business for Abella Eyewear company are:

Their Exemplary Products: There is no doubt that they know their business well. Their products are not cheap at all. In fact, you can easily compare the quality of their eye wears with any of the top-notch brands in the market. It is a surety that you won’t be disappointed there.

Their Market Competitive Prices: It is always a plus when the quality of the product exceeds your expectation, but it is cherry on the top when the product comes at a very reasonable price! This is one reason why customers are going crazy for Abella glasses. Their products are made from the similar quality materials that every other pricey brand use but at one-third, or even, at times, at one-fourth the price of the branded eye gears famous in the market. Why won’t anyone want to save some bucks when they can!

Their Millennial Followers: We all have learned that their marketing is pretty brilliant but the third factor, why they have made it big so early, is their followers. Besides being fashionistas, they are successful Instagram influencers and are followed by hundreds and thousands of followers worldwide. No matter how much we deny, word of mouth matters, so, one positive review and there are many to swear by your word and give new products a try.

It is obvious that if you are brilliant at what you do and you are committed to showing off your products in the market with confidence, you will always be successful. Abella founder, Josh MacDonald, along with his partners knew it well in 2018 that if they want to get a head start, they have to be perfect in their marketing plans and that is what they kept in check.

It is not only Abella Eyewear which is winning young hearts with their eye gears. The other two brands that one needs to keep an eye on are DIFF Eyewear and Quay Australia. While DIFF Eyewear caters to older customers, Quay Australia has the same demographic as that of Abella Eyewear. Interestingly, both the brands are running successfully and are giving each other a chance of healthy competition.

While it’s a rule of the market that in order to thrive, the brand has to be always up for challenges and should always set goals for itself. Abella Eyewear apparently is not unaware of this fact. They are predicting to sell 300,000 glasses by the end of 2019 and this doesn’t seem unlikely, considering the fact that they are already becoming popular among teens and young adults.

If you want, you can get your hands on one of their Beach Range Glasses; the products usually are under $100 so it is comparatively easier to give it a go without being spending a slice of your fortune.


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