Amazon Big Billion Day Give A Miss To Mega Annual Sale Events

Amazon Big Billion Day

Who doesn’t love shopping when a massive discount is there? What about the biggest sale of the year? No, we don’t want to lure you with cheezy lines. In fact, Amazon is bringing “Amazon Big Billion Day” of the year. This year from 26th July to 25th October this sale will take place.

You can enjoy Independence day sales, Raksha Bandhan sales, and more on the list. You only need to keep your eyes on to get discount offers and news. However, we are going to help you with a little bit of insights.

In this article, we’ll sneak a peek at Amazon Big Billion Day of 2021 and the whole overview. Read the full article to grasp everything.

What is Amazon Big Billion Day?

Actually, throughout the year, Amazon will give discounts on various products i.e. electronics, mobile, clothing, and many more. They announced it’ll be around 90%. Doesn’t this sound like the Amazon big billion day?

The sale starts with a mobile phone on 20th August. Then comes the Rakhi Sale. It’ll start on 16th August and will last till 20th August 2021.

Wait, it’s not over yet. The biggest sale will come on 6th October 2021. It is the Amazon Great Indian festival. Now let’s know more about this deal down below.

Here is the list of Amazon India Upcoming Sale Offers & Dates for August 2021! 

The month of August is a month of celebration for Indians and a festival for shopping. All the giant E-commerce sites provide a massive offer off all demanded products. This time people are allowed to participate in two big sale day offers. We’ll give you the proper dates for those sale days here.

From 8th to 11th August is the famous Amazon independent sale day, and the 16 August, the day of rakhi Bandhan sale day. You can buy your favorite goods at a huge discount rate on those days. Check out the list below.

Independence Day Sale & Rakhi Sale in August 2021

All your favorite things, including electronics, mobiles, tv appliances, kitchen goods, daily essentials, even the bank offer, will be provided.

70% Offered Products

The most discounted category will be home & kitchens and daily essentials. Amazon provides a massive 70% off + free delivery in this particular category, which is the most discounted part of all. On the Home & kitchen section, you may get some very important stuff, in particular Blender, Juicer, Cooking Pellet Smoker, Hand tool kits, Barbeque grill or Water heater along with other necessary things. You will probably find something like Beverage drinks, processed foods, Toiletries, and cosmetics in the important daily category section.

60% Offered Products

Apart from that, you will get 60% + Scheduled delivery + No cost EMI offer in TVs & Appliances and Electronics. This one is surely a huge section and very demandable compared to other stuff. Under the electronics section, you will get a Laptop, Watch, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Security camera, Gimbals, and all other camera accessories. And we are pretty sure that you know what you will find under the TVs & Appliances category.

45% Offered Products

After that, On the Mobile, Amazon provides fewer offers than others, but you get the chance to exchange your old mobile phone with a new one adding minimum cash. Here you get a total of 45% offer along with an exchange option. Additionally, you can see all giant smartphone companies’ products, including Apple, Oneplus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, and Huawei. In addition, every kind of mobile accessory will be available under the offer.

10% On Credit Cards

Surprisingly, you also have a chance of getting a bank offer which is a total of 10%, but this offer is only for SBI credit card users. There are no conditions for buying products through credit cards. Every sort of product is available under a bank purchase offer from laptop to lehnga. If you don’t have an SBI card, then get one for this festival shopping.

The Amazon Independence Day Sale 2021

Start doing your research for the product you want to buy on Amazon independent day sale 2021. Keep in your mind that a massive 80% offer is waiting for your independence day purchase. Don’t worry about the product because you will get all kinds of necessary goods for your home, office and other places.

You will get a sharp 50% off on camera and all other camera accessories on your freedom sale. If you are a gamer, then you also have good news from Amazon. Surprisingly, Amazon offers a total of 40% on gaming accessories to all games out there. So don’t miss the chance to purchase your favorite console. If you love to decorate your home, then a 35% offer is waiting for you. List your necessary product and wait for the day. Finally, Amazon offers a 70% offer on Health and Personal care products. So as you know all kinds of offers don’t miss the chance, start counting the day.

Amazon Raksha Bandhan Sale 2021

You may be thinking about what will be the best gift for your sibling at the upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival. Whatever you select as a gift for your loved one, remember one thing, Amazon will help you to purchase that gift even with half of the cost. Isn’t it cool? Amazon laid down their biggest fest on Raksha Bandhan Sale 2021. They set 16th August as their Raksha Bandhan sale day.

You are going to get a massive 70% offer on all rakhi products and other essentials. If you are thinking of buying a gift for your sister, then be ready for more offers on that day. Other than that, if you just want to shop for yourself on that day, be prepared because Amazon will give a 45% offer on all mobile and mobile accessories.

Other Amazon Hot sales in August 2021

Amazon Fab Phone Fest Sale August 2021

Note the date 25th to 28th August is the date for Maddening mobile discount 2021. A huge 40% offer is set on all brand mobile with accessories. Don’t worry about EMI because you will get a no-cost EMI advantage on those sale days. In addition, an exchange offer will be provided.

So prepare your old smartphone to include on this sale as exchange stuff. Another good news is instant cash back. Yes, there will be instant cash back for most of the smartphones. Don’t forget to take your SBI credit card to get a sharp 10% off.

Amazon Mega Electronics Clearance Sale in August 2021

We are pretty sure that you don’t have any idea about the Amazon sale offer. The e-commerce giant Amazon  through a mega clearance sale on every month. For August, it’s from 13th to 15th August. In this sale, Amazon usually focused on selling TVs, Cameras, laptops, Home products, Large appliances, and Kitchen stuff.

If you are just thinking about buying a laptop, then wait for the day. Amazon usually provides a 30% offer on all brand laptops. 40% offer will be provided on other electronics such as TVs, Decor, and Furniture. Also, the SBI 10% discount will be approachable.

Things to remember 

There are a bunch of factors that you need to keep in mind. If you get the instructions from it, you can make the best out of this massive sale day and get the best outcome.

  • Do comparison & Focus on deals to reveal

It is always recommended to buy stuff by comparing the products on different marketplaces. People tend to overlook this factor while buying some usual products. For instance, if you are looking to buy an iPhone or a big-screen TV, then you should look for the price range on popular platforms. Additionally, as marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart reveal their booming offers beforehand, you as a consumer should keep your eye on those features and grab the best deal for you as early as possible.

  • Do navigation and reach early during sale day.

There are many sites and apps that help you navigate about the lowest prices, best deals during sales. As a result, you can look for great deals for yourself by surfing these sites rather than navigating on Flipkart and Amazon sites. Moreover, in order to catch a suitable deal, you must arrive early on sale day as they can only last a couple of hours. Because reaching early can help you to grab a great deal based on your preference.

  • Select a product to wishlist early and go for flash sales

Early planning and selection of products can save you both a lot of money and time. Prepare the list of necessary products beforehand. Use different sites or apps that will notify you early. Additionally, during the sales of Great Indian Festivals or Amazon Big Billion Day, make sure to go for flash sales as they provide a lot of discounts for some specific products. As they run out fast, be sure to make plans for getting the preferred products as early as possible.


Q1: When was the next big billion day on Flipkart?

Answer: Actually, the next billion days for Flipkart are on 16th October 2021. It’ll last till 23rd October 2021.

Q2: Which is the biggest sale on Amazon?

Answer: The biggest sale on Amazon was helping in 2019, which is the Great Indian Festival First Sale. It took place in Bengaluru. Moreover, it only lasted 36 hours. The amount of orders having was incredible.

Final thoughts

Well, you get the idea of the Amazon big billion day sales. All we can say, you can’t miss this flash discount opportunity. Besides, during this time, they tried to provide the best possible products. We did our job. Now it’s your turn to make a decision.

Let us know in the comment section what you are going to buy this season. We love to know your list. Happy shopping.



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