American Drama Movie Mary Queen Of Scots Official Trailer # 3


This is an American drama movie about the life of Marry Queen. The third trailer of the movie is on the screen now. In this movie, they market this tripe as historically accurate in an attempt to silently promote the idea that England and Scotland were always multiracial societies and not homogeneous.

Elizabeth and Mary are opposite cases in female rulership. Mary tracks her spirit and her all individual desires. Elizabeth understands that to rule successfully. At that time, she had to make great personal sacrifices, if she wants to stabilize her position and realm. She broke the code to be a successful female emperor. Mary’s character was not sufficient to reign in Scotland or England. This film will imagine more sympathetic but hope they don’t portray her as too much of a victim of circumstance.

Mary enjoys a luxury environment in France having been crowned queen as an infant. Queen knew nothing of the country she was to rule and had no political skill, foresight or common sense. Mary thought if she could meet Elizabeth she could charm her into naming her heir. She had no hope of a successful rule of either country. Elizabeth, on the other hand, was a truly remarkable woman and a wonderful queen. Who does not appear to register in this film, which is infuriating given the legacy she left. It’s the time everyone knew what a car crash Mary’s life and reign was by comparison.

Mary had to deal with the consequences the Reformation had on her country. And she all the while has to deal with an abusive husband who would humiliate her whenever he could. She tries to reach out to her cousin but she locked up for years without any permission to see her. During which her only son also being raised to hate her due to the same Protestants.


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