Apple New £4.99 per month Video Streaming Service is Going to Start a Price War with Netflix and Disney

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Apple unveiled its three new iPhone with its unique triple camera design. But we expected it already. But what was least expected from Apple is the launch of cheaper video streaming service for a £4.99 per month. With this new cut-price service, Apple is planning to start a war with Disney and Netflix.

The purpose of this reduced price is to increase subscriber for this service and not just remained dependent on the sale of its device. A triple version of iPhone 11 was announced alongside this cut-price service at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.

The price cut is not only for its video streaming service, this year you will get entry level iPhone 11 at a low price upto £729.

This new service aims to reposition Apple while sales of its 12-year old flagship product is falling. When the company announced about its new video streaming service, people felt more interested in this service as compared to the latest three iPhones.

The new Apple TV+ subscription is going to set its feet in 100 countries including UK all over the world from first November 2019. This strategic shift is the most significant move which was distinguished from the side of company in this situation where it couldn’t launch a new product because of trade tension between the US and China.

You can subscribe to the Apple TV video streaming service for only 4.99 euros. It can be used for almost six family members. The overall planner is cheaper in comparison to Netflix video streaming subscription of 5.99 euros in the UK and $8.99 in the US.

A trailer of TV shows has been released, and according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, “The reaction to these trailers has been incredible.”

For getting quick consumer attention and increasing the sale of its flagship product, Apple is offering one-year free TV service when you buy a new iPhone. 

.“For once the iPhone wasn’t the star of the show,” said Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight. “Aggressive pricing of £4.99 for TV+ and Arcade and a bundled TV+ subscriptions with new product purchases underline Apple’s service ambition as it drives towards service revenue of around $50 billion in 2020.”

In the Annual Apple Event, the company unveiled three new iPhones: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone Pro 11 Pro Max priced at £729, £1,049, and £1,149 respectively.

The price of iPhone 11 is lower than its predecessor the iPhone XS. As soon as California Giant unlocked specs and features of its new iPhones, industry analysts and reviewers started comparing the new device with other available smartphones in the market.

Overall designs of new iPhones are the same as you can see in previous iPhone XS and iPhone X. There are only a few upgrades. Pro Model brought triple camera, which allows its user to get professional quality photos and videos. 

Despite adding its “Pro” branding to the iPhone for the first time, previously reserved for its MacBook laptops and iPad tablets, some of the upgrades on the new phones were modest. Its overall design remained the same as its previous iPhone XS last year and the iPhone X in 2017.

According to Tim Cook, iPhone had“changed industries and led to the creation of entirely new ones” and the company was “striving to make it better and better”.

Although a company is losing its annual iPhone sale volume, yet still it is the focal point of its overall success. At this time, when its rival is launching a new smartphone with 5G network chip, new iPhones don’t have this facility. But loyal iPhone user won’t give up on this device due to lack of 5G.



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