Attack on Titan Episode 57 Finally Reveals Titan’s Origin Story for fans

attack on titan episode 57

Fans of Attack on Titans always want to know about the origin of Titan. So, episode 57 unlock that most-wanted story for them. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 episode 20 “That Day” was one of the critical episodes of the series.

Fans have a lot of questions about True Titan’s origin like who Titan is, where from they come, how they get their powers. Now all such questions have got their answers.

Those who have watched three seasons of the show have got many pieces of Titan’s story like they are humans who transform into Titans and similar things. But “That Day” brings the missing piece to the puzzle.

We were expecting that episode 57 will tell us the story of Eren’ Yeager but it told us the story of Grisha Yeager’s origin.

Know All About Titan’s Origin

Titan and their powers have a root in a race known as “The Subjects of Ymir”. This race is descended from Ymir Fritz and subjects of Ymir have the power to transform into Titans.

As far as the history of Ymir is concerned, we got two different stories. One story is related to the history of Marley and it suggests that Titan power was used to destroy. On the other hand, there is a story related to Eldian loyalists which claim that Titan power was used to advance civilization and better the world.

According to history, Subjects of Titan use Titan power for Eldia Nation creation. Later they conquer other civilizations with that power but this rule comes at the cost of Eldian Empire which also include Marley nation.

Eldian Empire’s rule came to an end with the Great Titan War. A civil war of power began between eight speciality Titans. When this power fight was on, Marleyan Empire found a way to rise up and got control from some specialty Titan. Eldian Elite lost control over nearly all of Marelyn Lands due to this uprising.

After the ending of that war, King Karl Fritz created a squad of Colossus Titans with the help of Founding titan. This squad built three walls all around the remaining Eldian lands, and that’s how Wall Maria, Rose and Sheena constructed.

There were many Subjects of Ymir living behinds the walls. King Fritz erased their memories with the help of founding Titan’s power.

This is how the story and myth of “Humanity Within the Walls” emerged in the world run by Titans.

King issued a threat that if Marley tried to attack the walls, then he would uncover Colossus titan hidden between them, who would deal with Marley and his army. Marley didn’t attack walls, but he infiltrated the walls because his mission is to take control of the Founding titan. Grisha Yeager and the Eldian Restorationist did the same.

Now the story of Titan’s origin is unlocked, we have got a clear idea about the Titan. Even the main characters of the series Eren, Mikasa and Armin are living the life of a lie, and they know nothing about reality. The connection between Zeke and Eren has got more twisted than before.

It is not just the Zeke who has some connection to Eren’s mother tragic death, now Grisha Yeager also has a part in it.

Eren is ready for a battle with Zeke at one point, and at another aspect, the survey Corps have to deal with a new world.  Things get more interesting after recent Titan’s origin discovery. What do you think?


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