August 6 is National Root Beer Day


Today marked National Root Beer Float Day and many venues offering root beer floats took part in the activity. A root beer float is a simple concoction of a root beer soda topped off with a scoop of ice cream. Local venues have taken part in promoting the tasty drink. In Roland Park, Johnny’s Restaurant offered a complimentary float to every patron purchasing at least $10 on off the menu. The special was only available between 3:00PM and 4:30PM EST.

Nationwide, the big dog when it comes to root beer floats is A&W Restaurants given that root beer is their signature drink. The fast food chain operates 1,200 locations across the world. This provided the day with a big endorsement. Only locations in the United States were taking part in the celebration. They offered complimentary floats starting at 2:00PM until closing.

he Mount Vernon based Dooby’s was promoting their specialty float which uses custard mint ice cream and a mix of their special cold-brewed coffee and root beer syrup. However, they did not make it complementary. Those wanting to enjoy one would have to part with $5.50.

American Chef Carla Hall marked the celebration with Root Beer Bundt cake. She stated that her invention uses root beer to magnify the power of the cocoa ingredient in the cake. In addition, Hall says the soda adds moisture to the confection. For those who are not so keen on drinking a root beer float, the Root Beer Bundt cake is a way to eat the experience and celebrate the special day at the same time.

The website allows residents a list of venues taking part in the activity. Participating restaurants like Mity Nice Bar & Grill, Eleven Lincoln Park, and local A&W Restaurants.


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