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Is the old music player app on your Smartphone so old that you are no longer interested in using it? Are you searching for an android app that modernizes the biggest music trends in the world? To fulfill your requirements, you can download the avee player mod apk.

Since its inception, this music player has attracted many users and become a must-have music app for millions of music-loving mobile devices. Avi Music Player provides an interesting music store and can make colorful music videos with great convenience.

This Music Player is a lightweight and beautiful music player for Android devices. Produced by Daaw Aww that is known for its ability to produce high-quality music. Avee Music Player may also use it easily to drift music videos and create colorful presentations. This app also offers you a unique and customized audio experience to beat your laziness.

You will no longer deal with uninteresting music apps on your smart device. You can use this app to create attractive effects with your music. The most probable DJ results are generated using this software on your device. You can download the apps if you want to enjoy high-quality music.

What do we mean Avee Music Player Mod Apk?

Avee Player Mod Apk is a hacked version of Avee Player app developed with Daaw Aww. This apk version provides you all the features like a searchable library; premium unlocked, no ads, lock screen, and so many without spending any single money.

This app also has great music players like MusicMatch, Deezer, and Spotify, where you can find all the items you need to promote your hearing experience.

  • Premium Unlocked Features
  • Crossfade
  • Customizable Lock Screen
  • Sleep Timer
  • UI color skins

The best thing about this app is that it takes full advantage of the power of your device to play audio effectively. However, you can organize your music library effectively and display your best-loved songs in one place, which helps you find them easily. Enjoy this straightforward controls option of the app, which makes this accessible mainly for beginners.

Avee player mod apk supports all kinds of popular music files, including M4A, MP3, WAV, MP4, and more. While driving, don’t forget to activate the driving mode, which will automatically play all the songs listed for you. You can also use the Control Panel to create a list of your best-loved songs and blogs.

App overview

As you can imagine, this great music app will replace your old boring music player. You can also enjoy high-class music without using crazy features in the app.

Avee Music Player has tons of exciting features to help you make the most of your hearing session. However, it also immerses you in the amazing music world with useful concert functions. You can enjoy high-class music besides enjoying attractive HD Wallpapers.

It has the best quality equalizer to enhance your best-loved music. Meanwhile, you may watch HD videos free with the app’s control function. It is the best music player app that you must download on your phone.

Avee Music Player Mod Apk Features

Avee Music Player has many amazing features such as gearless transitions, status bar widgets, file shortcuts, colorful interactive masks, and more to bring you a satisfying music experience.

Below we have highlighted some of the features of Avee Music Player Mod Apk. If you still don’t know how to download this mod APK file, the steps below will help you decide.

Allows All types of Music Formats

This software supports all music formats like WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC, an effective feature for all users. This means you may also play different kinds of music without having to download a specific app for all formats.

Play music and video

The Avee Player also allows users to make music videos help play music from the video. All you have to do is put a link to the music, then tap on the search box, and the app will show you the results to choose from. Quickly play the video of your choice. The music video is played in high definition for viewing for the best possible viewing experience for users.

It also takes clear sound and clear pictures. The music program plays in different formats. However, it is not hard for you to search for your music. This Avee Player also brings amazing music to your life.

This Music Player app with different types of songs plays high-quality sounds in different formats. It will be best for you to download Avee Player to listen to your favorite music.

Ad-Free Interface

Ads are the biggest problem as the program always appears on the mobile screen and occasionally appears with the song and ruins the hearing experience. Consumers may release this issue by downloading Avee player.

UI Colorful skins

The field of music work also provides many functions like scanning files, filtering audio balance, adjusting the time between two songs, repeating selection, and more. With the best technology, this Music Player offers users the most convenient time. Make sure you put on your headphones and relax.

Premium Unlocked

Avee Player has many expensive features like creating your own Visualizer, No watermark, no ads, equalizer, and so many. Bit badly, all these features are limited to free for users and may be unlocked by buying a premium plan.

There is no application logo

If you are using this version of the music player for free, you will see the application icon in the bottom corner of the device screen, which is a problem. However, the modified version will not have a watermark.

Audiovisual with interesting animation

To make the apps more interesting, the user also sees interesting animations on the screen. Allows song lovers to immerse themselves perfectly with their songs. You may feel each beat when you play music with the engaging and dynamic Avee Music Player. However, the app has different types of audiences to select from and have fun in different ways, and each of them has a great event. You also export several browsers as HD files video for those who download them at any time. It can be the best background for the next music video.

Customize your Visualizer

This is the best feature of Avee Player Apk, which adds amazing visual effects to the music. You may use Custom Texture, Line Spectrums, tapes, and more things. Although it is an expensive brand, the mod is free to use.

App Information

APK Name Avee player mod apk
Size 7.7MB
Category Music & Audio
Version v1.2.101
Android Required 4.1 or Higher
Installs 5,000,000+
Rating 4.1
Developed By Daaw Aww

The installation process of Avee Music Player MOD APK on Android?

Firstly, you have to delete the old version installed on your device. Then go to the Device Settings, click Security, and after that click Enable Unknown Sources.

The APK file of this software is very simple to install. By following the steps below, one can install this music player on their Android device.

  • Firstly, to download, tap on the download icon below
  • Now, wait for completing the download.


  • Then click the open icon
  • After that, tap on the Install option
  • Then follow the instructions there.
  • Once installed properly, you can go ahead and enjoy the features of this amazing app.

How to use this APK

When you enter Avee Music Player, the first connection you make is a sequence of files in your phone’s storage that can quickly and easily find and select music. You can choose music from an external device or memory card.

With sharing live music, you may also listen to live music using the available song link. However, you may also record your own songs to add to the playlist.

After choosing your favorite music, click Music Player in Avee Player as you would other music programs. However, the variety between Avee Player and other music software can stimulate the music process. If you can speed up Music Wave Mode very easily, you have to click on the button in the top right corner of the device screen and choose Visualizer.

In this way, dsax effectively unlocks the music format. During playback, the default wave music function embodies the music’s name, which can be changed easily.

Double-click the square option to shift this music wave format, then choose the music wave you want. There are various music formats to select from. However, you may also change the basic look of playing classical music from the library. You can also change the music wave color, the song name, and lyrics, insert a logo by clicking on the icon and make your own video.

After customizing how you export the video and share it with family and friends, tap the download option on the device screen. Avee Player supports HD video output so that you can record high-quality videos.

FAQ: Avee player MOD apk

Is Avee player apk free, or does it cost something?

Yes, this apk is free and totally does not require any cost.

Does Avee Player work well on a PC or laptop?

Yes, it works fine on all devices. So you may download and use it on any device.

Can I export the video in any format?

Yes, it is very easy to export videos from any type of storage on your smart device by choosing the export icon.

Conclusive Discussion

I hope now you are clear about Avee Player MOD APK after analyzing this article. If you want to know anything feels free to ask in the comment box. We will be happy to reply to your question. Also, check out other articles if you need more Modes.



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