Best Wine Deals on Black Friday 2018

best Black Friday wine deals for 2018

People will get a chance on Black Friday to get a deal on a cheap TV with a little Amazon tech or some varieties in fashion. The outrageous shopping weekend isn’t only regarding high street stores and discounted items. It is possible that you will get your favorite wines at low prices one month before Christmas.

Most supermarkets will frequently decrease the price of wine on your buying of 6 or more bottles until Christmas. You might find some real deals at specific and specialist retailers, earning a massive amount of sales during Black Friday.


Majestic Wines

Majestic Wines will also be available once again on Black Friday in 2018. The retailer has started discount on its Wines by £11 per bottle in the “Mix Six” offer. You can also get more discount if you order 6 bottles at a time.

You will get a significant amount of deal on everything from Sauvignon Blanc to Rose, and Champagne. People will also get new offers close to the date of Black Friday, but it currently includes a free delivery on 6 or more bottles.


Laithwaite’s Wine

Laithwaite’s Wine is one of the specialist wine retailers normally gets into the Black Friday by offering a massive amount of discounts. Last year, they offered discounts throughout the wee and cut the price 20% on all New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines.

All Rioja was offered at a 20% discount and the last bottle in a bin of wine got a significant amount of discount during the entire week. Lathwaite’s Wine also reduced the price of its wine appearance caledars by £10 last year on Black Friday. So, we expect the similar discount offers in 2018.

 best wine deals


M&S Wine

The supermarket M&S has been considered one of the active retailers for Black Friday event. Last year deal was 6 Louis Chaurey Champagne bottles at just £80, decreased from its original price of £190.

We are expecting similar deals in 2018 and discounts of more than 50% for buying a single bottle of white, rose, and red wines. People experienced wine festival during late summer and it was 3rd cut from the original price of M&S wines. So, the similar deals might be offered in November 2018.



The website of Wowcher has already announced the Black Friday-style wine deals for its customers. They are offering 12 mixed bottles of Virtuoso wine at just £39, so you can save at least £121 as compared to its original price.

This specific offer includes a mixed deal of Merlot, Syrah, and Pinot Noir wines. There is also a 2nd deal and it includes 12 Spanish wine bottles at £39, decreased from £112. You can select 6 white and 6 rose bottles in this deal.


Virgin Wines

The Virgin Wines is mysterious regarding its Black Friday wine offers. But it might participate on Black Friday 2018 following a last year’s successful sales. Virgin Wines offered a selection of mixed deals, individual bottles, gift cards, and other attractive deals during last year’s event.

You need to wait until next deal offers from Virgin Wines. But you can also get an attractive deal before the Black Friday from Wowcher. It is offering a 10 bottles deal of Virgin Wines, including white, red or mixed at a price of just £39 and save £108.


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