BET’s “Being Mary Jane” Ending, was it a happy one for MJ??

Being Mary Jane

So it’s been four seasons of ‘Being Mary Jane’ that included various failed relationships, family drama, and politics. Since the season has ended resulting in a wedding and an ending that Gabrielle Union’s character wanted, but was it a happy ending though?

It was a two-hour series finale that comprised of cheers, little laughs resulting in a wedding with MJ finding out she was pregnant but who is the groom? The season took us back to the fourth season finale where MJ was proposed by Justin a whole year again. This ending was just a condensed version of what the fifth season might have been.

What Really Happened?

The truth reveals when MJ’s fiancé finds out the baby isn’t actually even his. MJ actually didn’t consider to tell while she was being proposed by Justin that she was basically pregnant with someone else’s child, someone else’s embryo had been made inside her body. But later when he does find out, all he says is: “I wish you and your child all the
best. I know you’re going to be an amazing mom.” And then he leaves,

When Beau shows up at Mary Jane’s apartment with his own engagement ring, Beau wasn’t happy to find it out. Justin again like always tries to pick up broken pieces of the puzzle of Mary Jane’s own little world which earns him away to her heart. Their bond grows
strong when they had to take care of little A.J.

What Does MJ Has to Say About This?

During the closing voiceover, MJ says “I’ve learned to let go and let love.” She also adds “ When you get out your own way and stop arranging, it will just happen. You need to learn to stop using ‘me’ but replace it with ‘us,’ and that’s when you will find the love you’ve always wanted.”


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