Beware of GOT Final Season Malware While Downloading it

Love of GOT Final Season is in the air and not everyone has the HBO subscription to watch it. This article deals with how streaming GOT Final Season from various streams can infect your system with malware and how to get rid of it.

GOT Final Season Malware

Half of the people on this earth who love Games OF Thrones are super excited for the Final Season coming out this April 14th and will use any means to download the full season. Still, there are a couple of factors that you might want to consider before downloading from any and every website you encounter. The biggest reason is Malware.

In order to go deep into finding out whether your computer has been struck with malware during downloading Games of Thrones or not, you got first to know what it is.

Malware: A Two-Minute Intro

So, malware is typically a software-only designed to destruct and disrupt a computer’s system and to get complete control and authorization of a computer.

Malware has always been a threat ever since the first Creeper Virus appeared back in the ’70s.

Types to Watch For:

There is not only one but a couple of types of malware.

  • Virus
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Ransomware

Signs you get when malware enters your system:

  • You will start seeing pop-up ads everywhere
  • Shadowy social media links will start appearing
  • You might get hit with ransomware
  • It might seem reasonable until you start losing your data
  • Computer speed slows down
  • Weird, unethical ads start showing up
  • Your one accidental click might take you to several different browsers containing different viruses

How You Can Get the Malware:

There are so many TV Shows that are likely to give you a malware if you download them illegally and GOT tops the list of them all since it is the most awaited and watched the TV Show in the American History.

There has been much malware found in illegally downloaded movies from different sites in the past out of which one includes The Pirate Bay. One time the malware hid in files and torrents of The Girl in the Spider’s Web. It injected content from the attacker into the browsers of the users that downloaded the movie. Not only this but it also transformed results from Google Search Engine on the victim’s computer. It was a complete wreck. This was back in January 2019.

Sometimes when you try to download a software, you might get a Trojan instead. So, when you try downloading illegally from certain websites, you might get Trojan instead and to make things worse on your computer, the malware does not just stop there by popping a few ads here and there on your PC, but it will bring adware. This becomes an invitation for more wreckage to your computer through various other malware and new installers.

How to save yourself from GOT Malware:

Would you instead watch GOT’s final season peacefully with no add-on and pop-ups and the increase in the speed decline? Would you download the season through a trustful and legal resource or would you like to illegally download the season and then later have to face the consequences of your computer’s wrecked health comprising of tens of different viruses and malware in your PC? Of course, you would go for the former one after reading this article.

Here are some tips and steps to do when you have to save yourself form GOT Malware.

1.Don’t go around looking for illegal websites

The more you lurk for illegal ways to download GOT’s new and final season, the more prone you are ending up on a malware infected website.

This only gets you in double trouble. You won’t be able to enjoy your season nor would you be able to do anything else on your laptop considering the viruses and malware that one illegal click takes you.


2. Use subscription-based sites

Several sites do require money per year for you to download movies and seasons throughout the 12 months, but it’s worth it. The websites include:

  • HBO GO
  • Amazon
  • Hulu
  • Roku
  • PlayStation Vue

3. Use a VPN

VPN is an excellent way to download movies and shows from specific sites if the sources as mentioned above do not take you to your desired GOT season.

VPN provides not only good protection, acts as a great software but also provides secure and legal sources for you to download and watch online.

5. Update your software constantly

As non-important as it may sound, you ought to know the importance of software update. You ought to keep your software updated continuously because lack of it only creates a magnet for the cybercriminals to reach your computer.

Taking the mentioned above sources can save you from a lot of trouble. Play safe!



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