Black Friday Deals From Sony Including Spider-Man Bundle

Black Friday deals from Sony

A number of individual retailers are announcing their Black Friday deals. Sony has recently announced its official deals for PlayStation 4.

The deals will be offered during the current month at both retail stores and its digital marketplace. Best discounts will be available from Nov 18-26 in the United States, and Nov 22-30 in Canada.

The company will offer discounts on system bundles, accessories such as PlayStation VR and controllers. There might be a subscription to PlayStation Plus.

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Spider-Man PS4:

People will be able to get a Spider-Man PS4 bundle for $200 in the U.S, and $260 in Canada. This offer will give you a 1TB standard PS4 system including a copy of the game from Insomniac.

The PlayStation VR has been cut down to $200 in the U.S, and $250 in Canada. You will also be able to pick up extra controllers for $40 in the U.S, and $50 in Canada.

Some of them will be available with the color variants, such as Magma Red and Blue Camouflage.

The recent announcement also marked a deal of 12-month subscription on a PlayStation Plus. The digital PlayStation Store will also offer discounts on various games from Nov 16-27.

The Store didn’t mention specific prices but declared a discounted price on Call of Duty. Today, Black Ops 4 will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Black Friday is a good option to get some amazing deals on various games across a number of platforms and retailers.

Some platforms have already started their sales. You can find out all of those and many more collections on Black Friday.


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