Blue Light At Night May Disrupt Your Body Clock

Blue Light At Night

Most people know that the work on screen at night for a long time is not good for health. And it is a fact that the blue colored light coming out from your phones and tabs can upset your sleep. The Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells feel the blue light for adjusting the circadian clock.

After detecting the amount of light in our surrounding, cells communicate to the brain or body to confirm the day and night time or time to sleep. And it will adjust the circadian clock according to the timing.

The scientists also explain that every human body has a clock that can work according to the light in our surroundings. And consequently, the regular work on screen or with blue light can harm this clock and disturb the body system.

It is also believed that if you are using phones and tablets till late nights it will communicate to the circadian clock. And these lights communicate to the body and the sensitive Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells to communicate that it is not the sleep time yet.

Blue Light and Mental Sickness

Regular use of these artificial lights may cause a seasonal affective disorder. Many scientists state that blue light treatment is considered now the major problem for depression.

Mostly mental problems are the reason for sleeping at day and the more staying-up at night time.

It may cause the behavioral or mental sickness that will lead to the suicide outcome. Because the rhythmic work of circadian clock may disturb due to depression. Having contact with blue light at morning time and restriction at late night can make rhythmic work of the body clock. This will generate a good mood and psychological well-being.

Otherwise, poor sleep can disturb the routine and good health. It will spoil the mood and people may become much rude behaviorally. The disturbed circadian clock changes the human behavior into the worst. They will suffer from a mental disorder.

Dim the Lights at Night

Different psychiatrists make easy solutions to remove the mental disruption from the blue light at night time. Try to get the daylight more at morning and avoid the blue light of phones and tabs at night. Use the cool and white colored lights at home at night.

Spending more time outside in natural light can track back your circadian clock. Natural light cannot have more quantity of blue light. Less use of blue light can almost remove the disruption of the circadian clock.

It can remove the mental depression and keep you fresh and healthy. So that you can sleep well at night and wake up in the early morning.


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