Bullying Leads to Child’s Arrest


A Stamford, Connecticut female was recently arrested for disorderly conduct. This might not sound very newsworthy, but the bizarre part is that the female in question is a 12 year old girl- a relative child. However, the girl has been bullying a a fellow student to a point that had escalated beyond the school’s control.

The victim in question has told her parent’s that she wanted to kill herself as a result of the constant taunting. School officials were immediately told, but the bullying only increased. It is then that the police were asked to step in to help.

The police decided to arrest the child only to release her to her parents later that same day. This might seem like an extreme action, but bullying has gotten out of hand. Several teens have made national headlines over suicides stemmed from intense bullying. Hopefully, the arrested girl will learn from this experience. The scare tactic might be the only way to really drive the lesson into her.

Neither the girls or the school have been identified as to protect them from further scrutiny. The Stamford police stand by their decision as bullying will not be tolerated in their district.


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