Caitlyn Jenner Accidently wished Kylie Jenner with Kendall Jenner’s picture

kylie jenner

Caitlyn is a sweet and innocent mom who loves her daughters very much. On Saturday, she posted a birthday wish message for Kylie Jenner but accidentally she put Kendall Jenner picture. When she realized her mistake, she deleted the post. But, many followers have noticed the mistake. So, they started making fun of it.

Kylie’s birthday bash is all over Instagram these days. Fans like to know what she is doing on her vacation. Her mom wrote a sweet birthday message for her daughter kylie, she posted “Happy birthday to my little baby kylie”.

She composed a sweet message but mixed up pictures of her daughter. Instead of posting old picture of Kylie, she placed four throwback pictures of Kendall Jenner on instagram. In those picture, Caitlyn posed with Kendall Jenner, instead of Kylie.

She captioned those pictures with Kendall as  “Life was so simple back then, but life is so good today.”

The 69-year old Olympic gold medalist quickly deleted all pictures and replace the post with new birthday message. However, her followers caught this mistake.

Her new birthday message was pretty simple “ Happy Birthday @kyliejenner”.

Some fans of her kept eyes on both messages and they noticed this blunder. So, they started commenting about this post.

One person tweeted,

“Hey you got your daughters mixed up with Kendall.”

Another said, “Caitlyn Jenner boasting more photos of the older child is typical younger sibling syndrome.”

One bad comment from a fan was,

“So you are going to pretend as if we did not see u mixed up your kids.”

Caitlyn find it hard to respond these remarks. A user said, “Glad to know that sister you got the right daughter this time.”

At one point, when followers of Caitlyn are targeting her for the mistake. At another point, Kylie didn’t respond to it. She is busy in her birthday vacation with her friends, Stormi, and Travis Scott.


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