California Wildfires Cause Sky to Turn Orange, Alarms Climate Change

California Wildfires Cause Sky to Turn Orange, Alarms Climate Change
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The California wildfires cause skies in San Francisco Bay Area to turn eerie orange on Wednesday morning. Smokes from the raging fires across California and the West made the entire sky block the sunshine and create fumes instead.

The following Tweet shows what happened and sets alarms for further danger:

This was contributed by the Northern California Bear Fire and grew massively overnight.

The Creek Fire started on September 4 and burned more than 163,000 acres east of Fresno. Moreover, fires from Washington and Oregon also contributed to the condition.

California wildfires cause and effect

On Thursday, more than half a million people had to escape the blazes down the West Coast. Officials had warned about the death toll that can shoot up within the upcoming days.

Eight people are confirmed died within 24 hours across California, Washington, and Oregon. But the officials said that some places are impossible to reach.

The August Complex Fire was the most massive blaze recorded in California. It is worst than ever for the state. Due to multiple fires, including the northwest, the temperatures have risen. Moreover, there has been a loss of 470,000 acres of dry vegetation due to the fires.

Firefighters are risking their lives to save the people while they battle the wildfires that stretch across 900,000 acres.

Kate Brown said that the amount of land lost to the fires within 72 hours had been twice as much as the annual average. An area of five towns has been destroyed. She told the press conference that such a massive fire has never fit the state. Additionally, she said that there are fatalities, and they will confirm as soon as they know more about them.

Local Oregon officials informed about two death in the Santiam Canyon area, which locates 60 miles south of Portland. One more death was soon reported in the Ashland area, near California border.

Police went from one door to another to make sure the residents were evacuating the Molalla. They also marked the driveways with spray paint once they were confirmed to have left.

In Butte County, northern California, three people died. The firefighters tried their best to stop the flames all through the night, which turned into an apocalyptic orange-sky morning.

What alarms does it set?

On Wednesday, San Francisco experienced an orange sky caused by the smoke from the wildfires. Cars were forced to drive through with lights as the area was gloomy. The polluted area restricted kids from playing outside, while seniors were asked to stay home.

The strong and dry winds eased off across the state, with such severe weather. The humidity level is at an all-time high and might rise as temperatures cool down over this week.

All three states in the West Coast have been scrambling to contain the quickly spreading wildfires over the weekend. The reason why it happened is the heatwaves and intensely dry winds. These indicate that climate change is real and needs to be taken seriously and acted upon right away.


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