Cancer Cure 2019: Claims of Indian Politician to Cure Breast Cancer With Cow Urine

Cancer Cure 2019

Treatment of Cancer is a big controversial issue. But, Now scientists have dome much progress for Cancer Cure 2019. Many studies show promising outcomes. Might be the cancer treatment

Many researchers are saying there are treatment are now available to cure cancer. A few days ago research came in which told about decoy molecules that can be beneficial to cure an epidemic disease cancer.

Moreover, still, scientists are working on it. Today, we are here with new news where an Indian politician claims to cure for breast cancer with urine.

Claims of Indian Politician to Cure Cancer With Cow Urine

An Indian politician claims to have developed a cure for breast cancer. She is a very famous politician of India named Sadhvi Pragya. Moreover, she claims that breast cancer can be cure with cow urine. She said my breast cancer is now curable with cow urine.

This news recorded when Pragya was talking about India Today TV that is leading news channel of Bharat. During an interview, she reveals she is a breast cancer patient however, her cancer has cured now.

Further, she added that it is a unique mixture of cow urine and other cow products. One of another claim that revealed by Indian politician is that rubbing the back of cow will help in treating the blood pressure.

Expert Opinion on Claims

Here are experts took some opinion. Experts deny such any cure and said there is no treatment with cow urine. Dr.Vikas Goswami made this statement.

He further said that it is only anecdotal evidence. It means some people claim it is beneficial. There is a need to be testing on patients then this claim can be assured.

Claim on treating Blood Pressure

Besides of above claim: Dr. Ashok Seth of Fortis Escorts said the claims to cure blood pressure has approved. Moreover, Ayurveda says they believe and support traditional medicine.

Well, these claims should be scientifically proved, and people should not believe in myths.


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