Cell Companies bring in Mobile Towers to boost Signals at ACL

Signal boost

Recently, hundreds of people gathered at Austin City Limits Music Festival. However, they faced difficulty to focus on the music. Instead, they passed time over their phones because the local signals were disrupted. Although, this year might cellular connections become good with more antenna to boost cell signals.

This issue is much worth consideration compared to not being capable of posting Paul McCartney photo or video of Metallica. Even making calls for rides coordination was too difficult. You won’t be able to even call for help in the emergency situation. Also, the neighborhoods could also be affected because of the overwhelmed towers.

“Think about all the connections that are surrounding us,” said Scott Dunaway, spokesman for the Texas 5G Alliance. “Whether you’re on the other side of the river, or you live down in the Zilker neighborhood, or you’re along Barton Springs at Uncle Billy’s having a drink on the patio, everyone is carrying a connection and they’re all going to the same place.”

Thereby, major multiple carriers are in 5G portable cell towers, known as COWS or  Cell on Wheels.

“It’s hard to project,” Dunaway said. “With 75,000 people in the park, if you’re carrying a mobile phone and you have a fitness tracker or an iWatch, something along those lines on, those are three different connection points going to that tower.”

The aim is to foster the bandwidth throughout the festival. So that visitors may see a difference.


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