Cloud Virtual Private Server, Newest Technology In Hosting Service

Technology In Hosting Service

Cloud VPS is the answer for those who are searching for a computing solution called KVM (Kernel-Based Virtual Machine), which Linux developed. Find about the newest technology in Hosting Service.

Cloud VPS can give you virtualized, scalable resources for its service, which they charge based on your usage for the newest technology in Hosting Service. You will not get charged for service that you do not use, and this charge method is beneficial for you because most web hosting provider offers this kind of charge.

No need to worry if you need the services in a minute because the resources will be available as soon as you need them. With Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS), you will get instant access to new technology in Hosting Service.

What’s the Difference Between VPS and Cloud Servers?

If you are still confused about either using Cloud Server or VPS, here are some differences that you can use as your considerations for new technology in Hosting Service:

  • The Availability

In case of availability, the Cloud server is better than VPS. Your server will always be online because of its infrastructure. In case the server is down, the other servers will back up as the different server is also connected to it. This case cannot be implemented to VPS because it will increase the downtime if the server is down.

  • Customized the Infrastructure

Some VPS providers will offer you a customization for your server. However, if you choose Cloud Serverover VPS, you are automatically can do ‘anything’ to your server. What you need is just downloading the Operating System (OS) and the templates and set your own server. You can decide the storage, tiered storage, and others. Moreover, you can adding the add-ons on your Cloud Server.

  • Scalability

If you use VPS, you cannot scale your server easily. Contrast to VPS, you can scale up or down Cloud Server as you wish. Such as increase the server size, bandwidth, RAM, and other resources. Therefore, using Cloud Server will allow you to handle anything come to your ‘way’ without rebooting your server first.

Therefore, using Cloud Server is more beneficial as the features fit your needs and has no downtime rate. By using Cloud Server, you can decide your own resource, scaling whenever you want, always online, only pay what you use, and others.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server or VPS is one of hosting type which is formed in a physical server and used by several virtual servers. As VPS is divided into smaller virtual servers, those smaller virtual servers have their own dedicated server. These smaller virtual servers are also have their own allocated resources that can be used, and you can set or customize the configuration as you wish. Each smaller virtual server will have its own server partition based on your request. No need to worry about the data leaks since there will be no data exchange among the servers account on a VPS. However, if you are interested in using a VPS server, you have to be ready in case the VPS server is down, all the smaller virtual servers will be affected. The VPS performance also different from one another depending on the resources of a physical server.

VPS server is suitable for those who want to control their website more with technical skills and doing the set up by themselves. However, before purchasing VPS hosting, you need to consider the pros and cons of this type of hosting.

If you want to control your website more, you can use the VPS hosting. Especially for those who have tried shared hosting, and you still need the bigger one. Yet, not all websites are suitable with VPS hosting. You can also customize the setting, have root access to your server, and control your Operating System (OS). However, this access has a limit as the smaller virtual server also uses the server.

VPS will allow you to configure the settings by the specific amount of resources. But, as VPS has several user accounts, access will be limited. Besides, your performance may be affected by other sites from the same physical server or if you are insisted on pushing the limit. VPS is also not the option if you want to scale your server at any time. Although you are given a certain amount of server resources, the server cannot be scaled up or down as soon as possible, and depending on the volume, VPS is hard to handle the traffic surges.

The last is, VPS is totally secured. Even VPS is used by several accounts, no need to worry about your data security. VPS is much better than shared hosting; even it is not as good as dedicated hosting. However, as many users use this server, other sites may affect your security.

Cloud Servers

Similar to Virtual Private Server or VPS, Cloud Server also has their own hosting environment. Even those two have a single server, the main difference between VPS and Cloud Server is that Cloud Server’s resources are coming from several physical machines. If you use Cloud Server, you will get an unlimited network of virtual machines that rely on the physical servers’ network. By having those virtual machines, you are essentially making a huge VPS. As Cloud Server is supported by several resources, you can enhance the server’s power at any time and whenever you want with different traffics. If you have a website that has high traffic, Cloud Server can be your choice. Cloud Server has the flexibility that suits website owner needs to face traffic surges.

However, each type of hosting has its own pros and cons, including Cloud Server. If you are a website owner and want to scale up or down the server, this is your best choice. But still, this Cloud Server is not compatible with every website. Though you can customize your Cloud Server, you still have limitations in doing this. Besides it is related to your network, you also master the technical skills. In the case of scaling, Cloud Server is your best choice. You can customize your storage needs, traffic, and others at any time because of the network servers that you have. If the physical failure happens, you do not need to worry because the other server will back it up. Using Cloud Server is also totally secure. Even Cloud Server is using several resources; you do not need to worry because it is safe. However, as this server is web-based entirely, it is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


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