Connecting with your audience is the key to sustaining social media challenges – achieve it through video tutorials!

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If you go by recent reports by international agencies, you will see people spend more than 500 million hours watching videos. Of all the options that you see online, how to create videos is the second most popular one. Individuals search for “how-to” videos on digital media for almost everything. Whether it is upgrading skills, fixing minor tech mistakes, or looking at DIY solutions, they are using how-to videos; different businesses are using this behaviour of users by creating several how-to videos to educate and engage their audience. It’s a means of creating a reputation among the target audience while converting that into sales. To build brand awareness and grab more attention, you must look at these online resources.

  • What are how-to videos?

Videos that teach you something and help transfer knowledge by explaining concepts and terms come within the purview of how-to videos. With the online revolution, it has become easy to grab knowledge and teach people without being physically available. You do not need to go anywhere; you only search for any topic or subject from the comfort of your room. Download free videos and recordings and start creating your ones to make an impact. It is how various brands are educating their target audience to engage with their brands.

  • Different categories of how-to videos

Coming to the distinct categories of videos available online, you have the tutorial, micro, training, explainer, and presentation videos. These familiar words will provide you with a lot of information. Let’s look at these in detail:

  •     Micro videos:Short videos will span from 15 to 30 seconds focusing on presenting narrowed and single topics or ideas known as micro videos. These are getting popular because of the users’ short attention spans and increased video consumption. You must have seen videos like in-stream advertisements, which come within the purview of micro-videos.
  •    Tutorial videos: Compared to the earlier category, tutorial videos are longer ones that span from 2 to 10 minutes. These are the best category of content when you are planning to share the step-by-step guide with the clients. You may use these videos to engage more clients and solve their queries regularly.
  •    Training videos: Videos that improve skills are known as training videos. These involve several topics and subjects, from interpersonal to hardware and software training. The video is interactive and long.
  •    Explainer videos: videos explaining business concepts and products are known as explainer videos. These may add animation to enhance its visual attractiveness. You can refer to socialboosting.comfor a better understanding and get more likes. Usually, you may find these for 2 to 3 minutes. Marketing has depended upon explainer videos since time immemorial. More and more sales teams are using these videos at distinct stages of marketing.

You must invest your energy and time in creating specialized videos to help you build your brand awareness. Moreover, you must understand the requirements of your target audience so that you can provide them with what is required. Based on your brand and the product you are dealing with, you can develop your business strategy and use several videos to reach out to your audience.






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