Convalescent Plasma Therapy: Trump Calls It a “Breakthrough” for the US

convalescent plasma therapy

There was an announcement from Donald Trump, allowing convalescent plasma therapy usage for coronavirus infections. He proclaimed this move as a “breakthrough” for the United States.

On Sunday, Trump told the reporters that the FDA had permitted to use convalescent plasma for emergency usage for Coronavirus treatment.

Convalescent plasma therapy impregnates Coronavirus recovered patients’ antibodies to the currently injected patient’s body. The process helps those patients to battle this deadly infection. The US President claims this authorization is an expansion of their treatment facility.

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Trump urges America to donate their blood plasma

According to the FDA, this plasma transfusion treatment is very much effective and safe. Trump requested all recovered Coronavirus patients of his country to come forward and donate their plasma.

Press secretary of the White House, Kayleigh McEnany, announced the President’s press conference in a tweet on Saturday night. In her tweet, she wrote that there would be a significant medical breakthrough against the “China virus.”

This authorization came after speculations from White House officials last week that political influences were delaying the Food and Drug Administration’s clearance. Trump announced this news after a significant delay of approval of any therapy or vaccine for Coronavirus.

The convalescent plasma treatment results are yet inclusive. Health officials are, however, to find three best ways to implement the treatment. The therapy consists of taking the convalescent plasma from COVID-19 recovered patients and transfusing it to those currently suffering from Coronavirus infection. The therapy increases antibodies, which helps the patients to fight the disease.

The chief of White House staff Mark Meadows, accepted that he had looked at several experts. But it seemed they were not as assiduous as they should have been in this plasma treatment. This is the reason the White House delayed the approval of this treatment.

Meadows reported that Trump would cut the impediment for good and put pressure to take out the approval. He felt that they needed to be persuaded as Americans were suffering and getting no solutions.

Convalescent plasma therapy deemed to set records straight for the Republican Party

The President came up with this authorization on Sunday after criticism came for the terrible tracking of the Coronavirus situation in the US. The death toll reached 176,000 in the country. These criticization criticisms are also endangering Trump’s chances of the coming presidential election.

US government used a huge amount of financial and human resources for the speedy procedure of developing the Coronavirus vaccine. Further, the President’s close aides are now hoping that this plasma treatment authorization could help the Trump regain the ground for re-election in 2020.

Donald Trump tweeted that the United States’ deep state at the FDA was creating hurdles for testing the Covid-19 vaccines to defeat Trump in November 3 presidential election. Also, he said that the focus should be on saving Americans from Coronavirus and get people to participate in the testing and not on politics.

Patients in US received plasma and measles treatments

64,000 patients received convalescent plasma treatment, traditional measles, and flu vaccines in the US. These flu and measles vaccines sometimes are the most reliable way to fight any new diseases. It sometimes functions effectively but also can be ineffective to some infections.

The FDA announced that convalescent plasma therapy works for the familiar and possible risks, but no such strong evidence proved the treatment would work for Coronavirus infections. This treatment though it’s a ray of hope as there are no alternatives to fight Covid-19 patients.

Scott Gottlieb’s ex-commissioner of FDA accepted that convalescent plasma transfusion is a practical solution right now but declined Trump’s theory of conscious delay of the treatment’s authorization from the FDA.

He said that there was absolutely no political influence over acceleration or pacing down the treatment’s approval. Also, everything is being done for the welfare of the citizens in their fight to recover from the virus. Moreover, there are several Coronavirus vaccines, and treatments are at developing stages with various scopes of approach.


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