Coronavirus News: WHO Chief Says There Is Hope Against COVID-19

coronavirus news

According to latest Coronavirus news, the World Health Organisation chief said that there is hope for winning the long war against Coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that there are now 20 million people affected by Coronavirus worldwide. The death toll could reach 750,000 very soon, and it is tragic to have lost so many lives due to the virus. However, WHO sends out the good news that we can look at for a positive perspective.

The head of WHO said that the situation is improving as for the pandemic globally. He accepted that the people were facing the worst phase due to worldwide Coronavirus infection but there were reasons which could give people a ray of hope.

Dr. Tedros said that irrespective of the region, country, town, or city, people would definitely recover from this pandemic at some point in time.

WHO congratulates New Zealand over fight against Covid-19

The head congratulated New Zealand for their remarkable effort to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. They set an example for the whole world. New Zealand is experiencing no new contamination of Coronavirus for a straight 100 days. Lives have gone back to normal and people don’t have to wear masks to maintain social distancing norms anymore.

UK and France took strict measures to fight the resurgence of Coronavirus

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus applauded Boris Johnson because of his decision to implement lockdown locally in the United Kingdom. Emmanuel Macron, President of France also made it compulsory to wear a mask in specific outdoor spaces in Paris.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom levied lockdown rules to few areas of the Northern part of England. There were few cases of Coronavirus contamination in those areas. Emmanuel Macron also took that decision of compulsory mask-wearing because of the rising COVID-19 cases in Paris recently.

Dr. Tedros said that with strict and measured regulations the authorities must fight Coronavirus pandemic. It is important to monitor that resurgence of Coronavirus contamination does not happen. Reopening of societies after lockdown should be done carefully and safely.

The world health organization suggested all countries speed up testing by putting extra effort to monitor physical distancing, washing of hands, contact tracing, and compulsory mask-wearing to prevent contamination of Coronavirus. These simultaneously taken measures can also decrease the speed of transmission also.

Reopening of schools are important but with major safety measures

Dr. Tedros said that there are countries that are underreporting COVID-19 cases deliberately for unlocking procedures. The reopening of schools is also taking place.

He said that the reopening of schools is essential but the safety of students and school staff is more important. The Coronavirus must be controlled before opening up societies again.

He said that the virus needs to suppress to prevent further contamination. Then authorities can easily reopen the lockdown situation.

The invention of vaccine is just one aspect of the solution

Dr. Mike Ryan who heads the Emergencies Programme in WHO said that though future vaccines would definitely be a solution to Coronavirus pandemic it would be just the first step towards the end of this worldwide disaster. Several other precautions must be taken with that in the future.

The invention of vaccines is surely a ray of hope but to produce and make it available widely to everyone’s a tough task ahead. All the countries must prepare their plan to pay and to make infrastructure as such that it allocates the vaccines extensively.

Vaccines must reach every individual of the world

The chief said that diseases like measles and polio still exist even after having vaccines. Thus, coronavirus vaccines must reach every corner of the world.

Dr. Mike Ryan said that the invention of the Coronavirus vaccine is just one aspect of the solution. Vaccines have to reach most people otherwise it would not do any good.

WHO announced Coronavirus contamination is a worldwide health emergency in January. Now the pandemic is now in its sixth month.


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