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For heaven’s sake, this pandemic is now becoming a pain in the ass. We need a solution, and we do need it right away. Coronavirus treatment is now a treat all over the world. Economies disrupted, schools closed and pretty much nothing seems to be going on right. The virus first discovered in Wuhan, China has gone on to affect many countries across the globe. A country like Italy is on the verge feeling the heat of this pandemic. Ignoring the places can result in your family member easily contacting the virus if they touch these contact surfaces. For the safety of our family and loved ones, you can hire cleaning and sanitation services as they can clean all surfaces of your home.

Over 80, 000 cases of Coronavirus have tested positive. Italy has now recorded around 8,000 cases of deaths. This is not the only country that is walloped by the virus since the number keeps increasing day in day out all over the world. So, the questions that remain are, is there a treatment for the Coronavirus? And what is the best coronavirus treatment?

As for now, the truth of the matter is that currently, there is no defined treatment for Coronavirus. The Coronavirus treatment that is going on for people who have this virus is treating the symptoms of this virus. The most common symptoms for Coronavirus are fever, and coughing which the hospitals are treating. So, does that mean that there is no hope for the coronavirus treatment? No, the reasons are they are taking measures to ensure there is the treatment for Coronavirus.


World Health Organization, WHO has put several measures in place to ensure that they are curbing the virus. Some years back, there was a case of Coronavirus called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. This was the first-ever of the families of Coronavirus that they first discovered. In the year 2002, on the southern, eastern part of China, a place called Guangdong cases of SARS started to emerge. Within some months the disease had spread affecting around 8, 096 people in 26 countries. SARS was viral, and it leads to almost 774 deaths. However, WHO was on the frontline to fight this virus and several medical practices were put in place to curb the infection.

The main measures used to prevent the spread of this virus were by quarantine and isolation. The people infected with the virus had to quarantine until the virus was out of their system. This quarantine helped prevent the infected people from passing it to other people.

Through this way, they defeated the SARS coronavirus.

WHO organized a SOLIDARITY trial on 20 March 2020 to find out if there can be a treatment for the virus. The test is supposed to be a global trial with patients all over the world will participate. Since there has been an emergence of the Coronavirus before they designed drugs meant to slow down or even kill the virus. The only problem comes that the drugs have not been tested on this new virus.

If WHO starts making a new drug for COVID-19 from scratch right now the compound will take so long to make. The only solutions provided by WHO is to repurpose drugs that have proved to kill other diseases and are safe.


WHO also has several unapproved drugs for the two common coronaviruses. The viruses are Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. They tested several unapproved medicines used previously and happen to work well slowing or even killing the viruses. WHO has tested the drugs and studied them in animals with the viruses and have proved that they might have a chance. Let’s keep the fingers crossed till then.

Also, there are four drugs that WHO is critically focusing on, and they hope that these drugs can help slow or kill the virus. The drugs include; Remdesivir, which is an experimental antiviral compound that the health professionals have high hopes for. There are several Malaria medications like chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine that they plan to use to help curb the virus.

The other drugs are a combination of two HIV drugs, the ritonavir and lopinavir. When these drugs are combined with another drug called interferon-beta, they can aid in crippling the viruses. Some drugs on the list, however, have been tried before and failed like the HIV combination that they attempted in China.

The SOLIDARITY trials might help in curbing and treating these drugs though we are not sure. If they find the treatment or any medication that can slow down the virus, it can help save severely ill patients. The Coronavirus treatment drugs can also help reduce the time the patients spend in hospitals. If some patients get well fast, then that is an advantage because it will help to free the hospital beds for other critical patients. So, what do we do before they find the coronavirus treatment? There are several precautionary measures that we need to do to prevent the infection of Coronavirus.


How the Coronavirus spreads.

To understand how we can prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we first need to know how the virus spreads. According to the World Health Organization, it has outlined how the spread occurs. The primary way in which the virus is through contact with the infected people. Just like other respiratory illness like flu, people close are likely to get the virus.

Also, if the infected person coughs or sneezes, then there is a high chance that the virus can spread. The respiratory droplets can be dispersed and end up falling on the face of an uninfected person who might end up catching the virus.

The other way that people tend to spread is through coming into contact with the infected surfaces. The surfaces may have come into contact with a person who has the virus either by sneezing or coughing and touching the surfaces.

How to prevent infection of the virus.

Since there is no coronavirus treatment, it’s important to take serious precautions to curb the spread of the virus. Some of the precautions that have been laid out by the WHO include:

 Regularly Washing hands.

One of the most insisted precautions that the WHO laid out is to ensure that we wash our hands occasionally. We need to take this practice so severe to avoid the infection of the Coronavirus as there is no treatment. You don’t just wash your hands with water only; you need to use a disinfectant. While cleaning your hands, you need to rub them between fingers where the viruses may have hide. Often use alcohol-based disinfectant, water and soap. This practice will ensure that the viruses are killed and can help prevent the infection of the virus.

Social distancing.

Since there is not yet a defined coronavirus treatment, WHO best advises that we maintain social distancing. The droplets can quickly get to you if you are 1 meter close to the person infected with the virus. When someone with the virus sneezes or coughs, the respiratory droplets tend to scatter either from the nose or mouth. This is where the importance of social distancing plays a critical integral role. If you happen to be close to the infected person, there is a possibility that you can inhale the droplets and end up with the infection of the Coronavirus. 

Self-isolate or quarantine.

The other precaution that we should keep in mind all the time is ensuring self-isolation and quarantine. These are some of the measures that WHO lays to ensure that we don’t get infected by this contagious disease. It’s best advised to isolate if you happen to have contaminated this virus for at least 14 days. If you travelled recently especially by the date of 15, March 2020 it is a must to isolate. Self-isolation ensures that you don’t get to contaminate others and you also get to watch your symptoms to see if you are safe.

Also, when in quarantine or self-isolation, it is safe that you don’t leave your home. If you want to go out for groceries or something urgent, it’s important to use face masks. Also, you should ensure you stay probably 1 meter away from people to avoid contacting them and cover yourself while coughing or sneezing.

It’s so important to monitor your symptoms while in self-isolation and if you seem to be getting worse, seek medical attention. You can call you doctor if you start having shortness in breathing, fever or any other symptoms related to Coronavirus.

Regularly cleaning your house.  

It’s also essential to ensure that you continuously keep cleaning your house always especially common contact places. Viruses tend to stay on familiar contact places, and if you happen to ignore cleaning these places, then there is a chance of reinfection. The most common contact places include; doorknobs, toilets, kitchen surfaces and many other contact surfaces. You need to sit and analyze which places are likely to spread the virus quickly to ensure you are handling them.

Avoid touching your face.

A face is one of the most critical areas that you should avoid touching if your hands are not clean. Viruses spread easily through the membrane of the eyes, nose and mouth hence getting infected with the virus. As we have said earlier, it’s essential to wash your hands regularly as this will help contain the infection. Using alcohol-based disinfectants will kill the virus that is on your hands thus safe to touch your face.


In conclusion, we have covered a lot in this article on what is the best coronavirus treatment in the world. It’s clear that as for now, we don’t have a defined cure for this virus; hence it’s a real challenge. WHO is on the forefront, trying hard to find the best treatment of the virus by putting several measures. They have enrolled out the SOLIDITARY campaign which aims at testing the several drugs they have on patients with Coronavirus. This virus is becoming a real menace to our world by disrupting economies and political stabilities and creating fear among the public.

Since we don’t have the coronavirus treatment, yet it is essential to take several protective measures. The measures we have discussed include; social distancing, washing your hands, staying at home and several other steps that WHO outlines. We should be keen to follow these instructions to the latter while waiting for the medical personnel to find the coronavirus treatment.


Is self-isolation a form of coronavirus treatment?

No. self-isolation is not a form of coronavirus treatment but a way of curbing the spread of Coronavirus. If you happen to have travelled by the date of 15, March 2020, then you will need to isolate because there are chances you have come into contact with the virus. If you happen to experience some symptoms while in isolation, it’s better to seek medical advice. 

Is WHO SOLIDARITY Trial a sure way of getting the coronavirus treatment?

For now, the coronavirus treatment is not yet here by the medics. WHO enrolled out a program called SOLIDARITY trial to enroll patients with Coronavirus so that they can try several drugs. The experiments are not a sure way of getting the cure of the virus, but what we do hope is that they get the virus. 

How is Coronavirus diagnosed?

Since Coronavirus is a new disease, you cannot just diagnose it in most local hospitals as some don’t have equipment yet. To diagnose the virus you will need to go to a laboratory with specialized testing kits for the virus. You will need to provide your respiratory specimen so that you can test for the Coronavirus.

Is warm weather a one way of coronavirus treatment?

Coronaviruses are pretty new to us, and it’s not yet vividly clear whether warm weather is a way to kill the virus. Most flu viruses tend to spread during the cold weather, but that is not the apparent fact that you can’t contact the virus in warm weather. It’s not yet clear whether Coronaviruses can die or decrease in warm, but we still have much to learn about the virus.




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