Cure for Cancer and AIDS: Trump is raising funds to cure for AIDS

Cure for Cancer and AIDS

In the last Tuesday, Donald Trump’s election campaign started in Orlando, Florida. The rally started with a vast crowd who was wearing MAGA hats.

Trump says, ” Will Work towards AIDS cure.”

The American president said at Amway Center, ” Our government will work hard to discover the cure for cancer. Moreover, he is re-elected to the office; we’ll try to find a treatment to eradicate the progression of AIDS.”

Furtherly, he said, he would work towards pushing medical frontiers and coming up with solutions for many issues. So trump announced, ” we’ll come with the cures of many diseases such as cancer and many others.

According to the American Cancer Society Statistics report, ” Almost 1.7 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2018 in the United States. Moreover, 600,000 people died due to cancer and other metabolic disorders.”

Trump raised $25 million for a cure for AIDS and cancer research.

Trump is talking about the cure for HIV. He promised during the Union Speech in January this year, ” his administration will work to get rid of AIDS by 2030.

Besides, he added in his statement, ” scientists are really close to finding the cure for AIDS. He said, our government has raised $25 million for AIDS cure. In the United States, according to the Centre for Disease Control, “nearly 1 million people are living with HIV.”


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