Cure For HIV/AIDS are Still Difficult to find Number of New Infections Cells

HIV cure latest

The epidemic diseases are spreading very rapidly, and scientists are busy to find the cure of these. Researches continue to a long time cure for HIV/AIDS. We delivered the news regarding the HIV, and you saw it is spreading recently in Larkana], Pakistan rapidly. So many treatments have developed by scientists for managing the disorder but still not anything substantial.

Many awareness campaigns were started related to HIV/AIDS, and finally, these campaigns showed results. There are many governments and non-government organizations that are spreading awareness regarding it. So the data shows, the number of new infections and deaths related to HIV/AIDS fallen drastically.

According to the UN report, there is no definite cure, but 18 % decline rate noted in new infections since 2010. A chart was shown that also showed a decreased number to fall. The number of increase HIV/AIDS infections have been shown since 1995-96, and there were 3.4 million new cases.

Scientists are trying to find the best cure for HIV/AIDS. They have developed one pill regimens that can keep the disease more manageable. This is one the worth reason of fallen the number of deaths related to AIDS since 2005. Almost 1.9 million individuals died due to this disorder in that year and down to 940,000 in 2017.

Well, many researchers are ongoing, and most recently was through stem cell transplant. So we hope shortly we will get rid of this deadly epidemic disease. Stay tuned with us if you want to know more about this disease and its cure.


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