Cure for HIV/AIDS: Will researchers be successful in finding out the cure for HIV/AIDS in 2019?

cure of HIV/ AIDS

We all know the cure of HIV/ AIDS is a controversial issue. The subject of research is continued for decades. But, still, everyone is asking Is HIV/ AIDS cure is possible or not. It’s 2019, and every type of technology has developed, so we hope that 2019’s scientists and researchers will find the cure for HIV/AIDS.

As you know, Human suffer due to Human Immunodeficiency Virus which is known as HIV.

Due to this Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS develop that is a deadly disease. However, Maybe there is good news after many years. We are happy, researchers are very close to curing for HIV/AIDS in 2019.

Record of HIV/AIDS

The first time, HIV identified in the 1970s in the blood and tissue sample of patients. However, they had already passed away, and the virus was discovered after ten years. After that the first case recorded of HIV/AIDS in live human being by Doctors.

So since the 1970s, the disease has spread among millions of people. However, the research is under process and trying to find the exact cure for HIV/AIDS.

In this present era, patients are using antiretroviral therapy to fight against infection. One tablet per day is recommended.

Dr. Stephen Klotz said

“Antiretroviral therapy can return to a non-frail state. moreover, this therapy restores cellular function and cells adversely affected by HIV.”

Another solution Revealed by a London Patient

Here is another solution that was revealed by a London patient who is completely HIV free after bone marrow transplant.

However, it will be good news for all AIDS patients if researchers could able to find the perfect cure for HIV/AIDS.

Well, must take care of yourself in this husty world that is now full of disease. As it said Prevention is better than cure so people must use safe sex methods. Besides, don’t share your needles or other stuff to avoid HIV/AIDS.


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