Dance As A Present For Your Boyfriend For The New Year

Dance As A Present For Your Boyfriend For The New Year

Almost all men appreciate a good dance show, especially when it is done by their women. From pole dancing to seductive lap dances, they love it all. It gives them an amazing visual experience and it can be a good present for your boyfriend.

If you want to be the fantasy woman for your boyfriend, then there’s nothing better than dancing for him. It will give you a chance to get close and personal for some time.

The best part of dirty dancing for your boyfriend is that there are no rules. You can try every seductive move up your sleeves to impress him. From moving your booty to showing off your curves, there are so many things you can do.

With New Year approaching, this seems to be the perfect time to dance as a present for your boyfriend. This will not only make your boyfriend happy, but you can both have a great start in the New Year. To get more tips on impressing your boyfriend/husband, you should go read the blogs posted on Livetray. They have many relationship articles for all the couples who want to make their relationship exciting.

Why should you dance for your boyfriend?

The question should be “why shouldn’t you dance for your boyfriend?”

No matter, how innocent your man is, they all love to watch women grind and dropping it on the floor. They love to enjoy a good dance session because it gives them a pleasurable experience. This is the reason men go to strip clubs and other naughty places. If you don’t want your man to stare at someone else’s booty, then you should put in some effort to impress him.

Sexy dancing present for your boyfriend is a great way of getting naughty with him. A few killer moves and your man is done. If you are the shy type, no worries. You can always take lessons from online dance videos. Learn the moves and the things they do to turn men on. This should be enough for you to give an unforgettable night for your boyfriend.

In a relationship, you need to keep things exciting and happening. In most cases, couples drift apart because they have no excitement left in their relationship. If you don’t want that to happen between you and your boyfriend, you should try everything to keep things spiced up. Dancing for him is a great way of getting close to him.

Reasons Men Enjoy A Sexy Dance Performance

Who doesn’t love to see a hot performance by a woman wearing a skimpy outfit? Sure, we all do. Truth be told even women love to see other women shaking that “Shakira booty.”

Dirty or sexy dancing gives a kind of pleasure that is almost better than sex. Men love to see when women get down and dirty. If you want to make your boyfriend go crazy for you, dancing for him could be the best idea. Go check out Livetray relationship blogs to learn more ways to impress your boyfriend.

  1. Great visual experience

You must have caught your boyfriend checking out sexy dance videos on the internet. Well, you cannot blame him. Men are naturally attracted to sexy women and they love to watch them grind and do sexy moves. So if you want to divert their attention to you, you already know what to do. They will surely appreciate your effort.

  1. It’s pleasurable

Take a moment and think like a guy. How would you feel if a hot woman gives you a sexy lap dance? Great, right? Well, that’s how men feel. It is extremely pleasurable for them to see someone moving their body against them and flaunting their curves. The urge to touch when your hands are tied to the chair is both pleasurable and frustrating in a good way. This is the second-best thing after sex that men enjoy. So you should try doing something like this for your boyfriend.

How to do sexy dancing?

Well, we have discussed everything about sexy dancing for your boyfriend. Now it’s time to get down to some real action. If you are planning to give your boyfriend the best time of his life, you need to practice for that. Given the fact that you are not a pro, you need to work on your dance moves. If you need help to do it right, we have got your back.

Here are some tips that will help you to dance sexily to impress your boyfriend.

  1. Learn it from a pro

What can be a better idea than learning it from a pro? Check out some sexy dance videos online to learn the kind of moves they do. You need to be confident when performing these moves. This is why practicing your moves is important. The best thing to do would be to practice it in front of the mirror. Pick up the steps from the videos and perform it in front of the mirror. This will help you perfect your moves.

  1. Maintain eye contact

Yes, eye contact is very important. You should maintain constant eye contact with your boyfriend when dancing for him. You need to make him feel that this performance is only for him. It will also help you to make things intense between you two.

  1. Choose a sexy outfit

When it comes to dirty dancing for your boyfriend, outfit plays a very important role. Choose the skimpiest outfit you have. You need to show your curves and other assets to turn your man on. Erotic outfits like short skirts, bralettes, thongs, sheer camisole, etc., are some of the best options you could go for. The sexier the outfit, the more your man will like it.

  1. Work on your expressions

You cannot put up a straight face while giving a sexy dance performance. Your expressions should be as seductive as your attire. Men love to notice every fine detail of a woman. So work on your expressions to perform like a pro.

Dancing as a present for your boyfriend could be the best gift for him. New Year is on its way. It’s already time that you should prepare for the big surprise.


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