Dark Season 2: Release Date, and all spoilers that you want to know

Dark Season 2 trailer release

Our favorite thriller mysterious drama Dark season will renewal for season 2 or not. It is the first original German Netflix show. As we know the production announced in 2016, however, the series did not arrive till December 2017. It was fantastic, like stranger things but different in many ways.

Netflix and real producers have nodded for Dark season 2 series. All was set in Germany’s town and supernatural activities taking place after missing two kids. This puzzling story made more complex with the adventures of the different characters.

As we saw in Dark season 1, Jonas was trying to reveal the mystery behind his father’s suicide. However, at last, Jonas has left the bunker and goes to the future. At the future place, a woman welcomes him and hits from the butt of her gun. The series moves in 33 years cycle, and Jonas got to 2052.

Hence, Now the biggest mystery of Dark season 2 is that how did the people from the future know Jonas is from the past?

Here you can watch the teaser trailer of Dark season 2. Netflix released a few days ago, which left the fans in a new cliffhanger.
The the

The teaser is showing ax is getting embedded between a person’s shoulder blades. Moreover, Noah is trying to guide in the apocalypse.

Well, the producers believed that they would bring some new characters and fans are not much aware of.

Therefore, the new cast will introduce by killing the current ones. That’s why they have a lot of theories regarding it. So just a few days left, the series will release on 21 June 2019. It will contain ten episodes

Many characters will return in Dark season 2 such as Nielsen, Doppler, Kahnwald, and Tiedeman. Moreover, it also confirmed that the second season would the Jonas journey, which will three Part cycle. The season 3 is also on the card and expected date of season 3 is 2020.


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