Dead to Me Season 2 to Release in 2020, Catch the Plot Details!

Dead to Me Season 2

Netflix’s Dark Comedy, Dark Season 2 will Release in 2020, Catch the Plot Details Mentioned Below!

Dead to Me has won fans’ hearts since it hit the screen on May 2, 2019. The Dark Comedy Series revolves around the shattered lives of two ladies who eventually happened to become fast friends and partners in grief.

Jane and Judy, the two leading characters of the series fighting with their drastic life events will be back with the release on Dead to Me Season 2 in 2020.

The chain of the Dark secrets and drastic sequences from Dead to Me Season 1 will be continued with the release of Season 2.

In season 1, viewers witnessed the breakdown of Jane as she left her husband in a hit and run accident. Moreover, the fans witnessed Judy’s role in Jane’s life as her emotional support but with a dark underlying secret. With the progression of the series, viewers get to know about Judy’s dark secret that she was the one who hit Jane’s husband and killed him.

However, the series highlights female friendship and deep bonding in spite of the dark facts crucially affecting these.

As Season 1 ended, viewers witnessed Jane with a gun near Judy’s ex-fiance’s body. 
This left the viewers in a cliff-hanger state.

Did Jane take revenge from Judy? Or there is something else hidden beside the facade?

Surely, Season 2 will unveil the mystery, so wait for the release of Dead to Me Season 2!


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