Dealing With Negative Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews

90% of customers read online testimonials before making a purchase, and 74% of buyers trust businesses that receive positive feedback, according to business statistics on the importance of managing online reputation.

A company can increase sales by 10% with five positive customer reviews, but lose tens of thousands because of one bad review.

Although negative business reviews can lead to business closure, they can actually help you create compelling content marketing strategies. But it all depends on how you handle criticism.

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Report Bad Reviews

Bad comments help you solve problems and improve customer service. However, not all bad reviews are real. Too often, destructive comments come from angry customers, competitors, and spammers who are out to destroy your reputation.

It is highly recommended you find out if a review is fake or genuine whenever you get a destructive one.

Always report fake negative feedback to review sites or forums like Complaints Base Business Reviews where you can seek assistance and advice about fake consumer testimonials.

Respond To Negative Criticism

Consumers submit reviews via different platforms with the expectation of getting answers within a short period.

You may become defensive, angry and frustrated after reading harsh comments. Calm down, go through all the feedback your customers post online and note down key reasons that provoked the reviewer to give a harsh remark. It does not hurt to apologize, and it shows you are willing to resolve the stated issues and improve your services or products.

Additionally, respond to bad reviews quickly and professionally by letting the reviewer know you appreciate their feedback, and that you will fix the problem.

Take The Right Action

Amending business policy and improving customer experience altogether turns poor reviews into great wins for your company. If you often get poor feedback, it is a sign that some areas need improvement.

For instance, if customers complain about a product, find ways to solve the problem like sending them an alternative at no cost plus giving them a coupon, or adjust the product and respond to bad comments, apologize, and explain the changes made to improve quality.

As a result, consumers will value you and become loyal to your business because you listened and made necessary adjustments.

Negative reviews can break or make a business, and if you assume responding to criticism is not worth your time, re-evaluate your opinion. Consumers study reviews before making a purchase, and 30% of them think any business without negative remarks is fake.

More than 50% of consumers trust products that have a few undesirable comments. Bad comments do not indicate the end for your trade; you just need to handle criticism wisely.


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