Death Cause of Mac Miller Revealed

Mac Miller Revealed

The cocaine and fentanyl mixture was the real cause behind the death of Mac Miller. As per the result of the toxicology report from Country Coroner’s Office Los Angeles. The report shows the fact that on Sept.7, at death moment even alcohol was even also found the rapper’s system.

As per the declaration over the official website of coroner’s “Malcolm McCormick, the music artist known as Mac Miller, was found to have died from mixed drug toxicity, the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner determined,”

It further continued announcing, “On Sept. 7, McCormick (DOB: 1/19/92) was discovered unresponsive in his home located in the 11600 block of Valleycrest Drive in Studio City. Authorities were called and McCormick was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:51 a.m. On Sept. 8, an autopsy was performed and a cause of death was deferred pending further investigation. It was later determined McCormick died from mixed drug toxicity (fentanyl, cocaine and ethanol).”

Mac Miller death was categorized accidental.

The report mentioned the elements present at the death time in Miller’s apartment. “A small bag containing a white powdery substance was located on a small table along the north wall of the studio room,” it states.

“On a separate table along the north wall of the studio room, an ipad was noted with linear white powdery residue. An empty bottle of liquor was noted on the desk along the east wall of the studio room. Inside the master bedroom, a bottle of prescription medication prescribed to the decedent was noted. Inside the closet on the west wall of the bathroom, a bag containing a white powdery substance and multiple loose pills were noted inside the pocket of a coat. …. A rolled 20 dollar bill with a white powdery residue was noted in the right pocket of the decedent’s shorts. An empty 750ml bottle of liquor was noted on a nightstand on the west side of the bed.” It further mentioned.

In past, Miller was struggling with such drug abuse. A couple of weeks prior to his death, he was officially charged by the Angeles Attorney’s Office with a DUI in May that stemmed from a car accident at the San Fernando Valley.

In fact, he used to openly discuss regarding his struggles, pointing drug abuse and even death in his music especially in the 2014 mixtape of the deeply personal that is “Faces.”

“I used to rap super openly about really dark s—,” he spoke to Vulture in a profile that is recently published on Thursday. “That’s what I was experiencing at the time. That’s fine, that’s good, that’s life. It should be all the emotions.”

In May his long-term relationship with Ariana Grande also ended.


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