Did Robert E Lee Own Slaves

did Robert e lee own slaves

If you love to read history regularly, I hope you know something about Robert E Lee. However, he was one of the top confederate military personnel of that time. In addition, he was the commander of the Army of confederate countries. By the way, today we sit here to clear a concussion about Robert E Lee. however, the confusion is that did Robert E Lee own slaves? 

Lee wasn’t a secessionist. However, he promptly joined the Confederates and was named general and administrator of the South’s battle for withdrawal. 

Lee has been generally scrutinized for his forceful methodologies that prompted mass losses. In the Battle of Antietam, on 17th September 1862, Lee tried to attack the North on the bloodiest single day of the war. 

Antietam finished with about 23,000 losses, and the Union guaranteed triumph for General George McClellan. Not precisely seven days after the fact, President Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation. 

The fights proceeded through the chilly, cruel winter and into the late spring of 1863 when Lee’s soldiers tested Union powers in Pennsylvania during the three-day Battle of Gettysburg, which guaranteed 28,000 Confederate troopers’ lives and 23,000 setbacks on the Union side. 

The war was delayed for two additional years until a triumph for Lee got incomprehensible. Lee gave up to Grant on 9th April 1865, with a waning armed force at Appomattox Court House in Virginia, adequately finishing the Civil War.

Who Was Robert E Lee?

Our primary concern in this article is whether did Robert E Lee own slaves or not. However, we know from the history books that Robert E Lee was born in 1807 January. Yet, for your kind information, he was born in a military family in Stratford, Virginia. So, his destiny brings him to a reputed military family and helps him be a great soldier. By the way, the father of Robert E Lee was Henry Lee III. and he was one of the rebellious officers familiar with MJ Henry or Light Horse Harry. 

Anyway, Robert E Lee was the fourth of five children of his father. However, there are some renowned people from both his father’s and mother’s sides. But the financial crisis did not let them live a happy life. So, at the moment, his father has become bankrupt because of non-paying debt. As a result, his father had to go to the debtor’s prison. 

By the way, when Robert E Lee’s father completed his prison, they moved to the Alexandar of Virginia with his four siblings. So, his father’s financial failure led them to move from Stratford to Alexandria.

After that, when Robert reached 11 years old, his father passed away. The reason his father died is an injury he got in the political movement in Baltimore. And then, his mother’s struggle began, and she started to take care of her six children.

By the way, Robert E Lee started his study in Easter View. After that, he took admission at Alexandria Academy. However, he has a relative named William Henry Fitzhugh, and the relative assist him a lot. The relative helped him access at US Military Academy and let him continue the study at West Point.    

After that, he passed out as a second lieutenant from the academy in 1829. But just after one month of his passing out, his mother passed away too. Anyway, Robert E Lee was fulfilling his duty with responsibility and pride. He was familiar as a national hero in the force and joined in the Mexico war in 1846. Although the US war with Mexico over but he was fighting to adapt himself to everyday life. But the scenery of the battlefield was disturbing him and made a hard life. 

However, he completed many missions whenever authority gave him. So, a slave revolution or rebellion began at Harper’s Ferry in 1859. And the US Army put their trust in Robert E Lee to control the uprising. As a result, he took just an hour to take the rebellion under his control. And this success made him a leader of the Union Army in any type of war.

By the way, in the time of the ceasefire election in Virginia, Robert E Lee got arrested in the middle of the southern state. Mainly he was against the breakaway and the war he sees that is about to outbreak. After that, an exciting history occurred to Robert E Lee. 

The story is that the great president Abraham Lincoln wanted him to lead the Union force. But he rejected the proposal and resigned from the force. After that, instead of commanding the Union force, he took the command of the Confederate Force.

Even though Robert helped them to get some vital war victories, the power against his force was big. However, he surrendered in 1965 after a severe loss in the war. By the way, Lee behaved well after being arrested. For example, President Abraham Lincoln did not hang him, and he forgave him for his deeds. After a few sections, we will learn that whether did Robert E Lee owns slaves or not. 

Some Interesting Facts About Rober E Lee.

Robert E Lee was a historical person over time. There are lots of strange things you might miss about him. However, we still do not know whether did Robert E Lee own slaves or not. In addition, he is the kind of person whom we are eager to know about. Although you can’t say anything about him so much, we will tell you some facts about Robert E Lee now. 

Act A Mediator After The War. 

Robert E Lee was one of the most potent mediators at that time. However, he showed his skill in the time of war between the North and South. So, he was a very crucial person after the civil war as a powerful voice to unite the countries.

Robert E Lee Got Forgiveness 110 Years After The Surrendering.

Robert E Lee surrendered to the officials in 1865, but he got forgiveness in 1975. However, president Gerald Ford thought that Lee is a person who deserves a pardon. By the way, president Andrew Johnson refused to forgive him because he felt that the mercy application was not enough. 

However, the authority decided after a long year that nothing was missing in the application. Anyway, after some time, we knew that there was nothing wrong with Lee’s oath. And President Johnson personally did not want to forgive him.

Lee Passed Away In 1870.

Do you know when Robert E Lee passed away from this earth? The year 1870 was Lee’s passing year from this world. At the time of death, he was in Lexington, Virginia. And it was 12th October. However, we were able to know he died from pneumonia. In addition, he got a stroke two weeks after his death.

He Earthed Without Shoes.

There is a story behind the reason for burying him without his shoes. When Robert E Lee passed away, there was a heavy flood in Lexington. And because of the flood, it was so difficult to bury a body in the earth. However, his relatives brought three caskets for him from Richmond. But the flood washed away all of the coffins in a moment. 

Anyhow, they were able to revolver a casket from the flood by doing a lot of struggle. By the way, the problem has not finished yet. Because the coffin was too short for Robert E Lee. As a result, they had to earthen him without his shoes beneath the Lee Chapel. By the way, you are going to know that fact that did Robert E Lee own slaves or not in the next section.  

Did Robert E Lee Own Slaves.

Along these lines, to the primary inquiry here, did Robert E.Lee whip his slaves. Sadly, there’s a ton of conversation about this, which comes from a book around 13 years prior. And there is a lot of discussion on did Robert E Lee own slaves. 

We will get into the account of this great Robert Lee whip slave. At the point when the confederate came, Robert E. Lee was a fundamental piece of that. Toward the start of that time, he had standing, yet he made his standing, which lives now. 

The contention that he requested was the beating of three runways in, a few years before the common war began. He took on new life after Elizabeth Brown Pryor distributed a book called ‘Perusing the man’: An image of Robert E. Lee through his private letters, and she composed that in 2007. She takes note of that well in opposition to her suggestions. He didn’t give any new proof that criminal slave Wesley Norris made the charges. 

The distributor initially distributed the two mysterious letters to New York in 1859. In 1866 after the war, I acquired statement scarecrows from the lips of Wesley Norris. The relative statement, likewise in the New York Tribune. Presently it should take note that the New York Tribune had standing as an abolitionist paper. 

The principle history: 

Lee didn’t possess any slaves as of now, and however after his dad-in-law passed on in 1857, Lee turned into the domain agent that included right around 200 slaves in three Virginia areas. Arlington House is across the Potomac River from Washington DC and is known as the Harlingen burial ground. 

Roman coke, another ranch down and James stream or down southeast of Richmond, the last one is the white house manor in a similar general zone. They very much specified that the slaves were to be frayed/apprehensive. The expert, the dad in-law’s name, was George Custis, and he was a grandson by George Washington’s character. 

It additionally noticed that the leader Robert E. Lee could require as long as five years to deliver them halfway because Virginia law necessitated that slaves couldn’t be given free access to opportunity into the state of vagrancy. They needed to have something accommodated them, and the expert would likewise be answerable for the more youthful and more established ones monetarily. The properties were also in dept and required fixes. They were again unbeneficial. 

At last, they will necessitate that Lee’s girl gets traditions of 10,000 dollars each. Presently, these were the granddaughters of the one who just deluded from custom. So what Lee chose to accomplish was work on the properties before liberating the slaves. There were a bigger number of slaves than needed at the Arlington house. Likewise, he leased some out at this point.


If we start to write the history of Robert E Lee, we can’t finish saying in a single article. He was such a famous person that historians were eager to know about him. By the way, I hope you already have become clear on your doubt that did Robert E Lee own slaves. However, Lee’s forty years of living time was full of bravery, role model, leadership, and a successful military commander. 

By the way, I guess that you are eager to know and study about Lee too. So, I should suggest you a book about him that will make you feel thirsty about Robert E Lee. However, the book’s name is ‘The Confidence of Flood Tide’ written by renowned writer Philip Lee.

It covers from June of 1862 to December of 1862. Ideally, you have discovered the response to the topic of ‘Did Robert E. Lee own slaves?’ There is no persuading proof on the way that did Robert E Lee own slaves.



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