Digital Wallets Will Replace Credit Cards? Poland Is Leading The Charge

Digital Wallets Will Replace Credit Cards? Poland Is Leading The Charge

It’s no secret that digital payments and wallets had a massive boom in 2020. Due to the pandemic, contactless payments needed to be easier– and we began to notice how great they were. But the question is, will digital wallets ever replace credit cards? Poland seems to be headed in that direction.

What is a Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is an app on your smartphone that lets you make payments without a physical credit card. So if you’re making a purchase online, you can just click a few buttons instead of typing in all the credit card info. Or if you’re in a brick-and-mortar store, you can just scan your phone. Many digital wallets will also allow you to give and receive money to your friends. Basically, it does everything your credit card does, just without the card.

With digital payments becoming more and more common these days, a credit card seems pretty obsolete. As of 2022, about 3.4 billion people use a digital wallet, and that number is rapidly increasing. Economists predict that approximately 5 billion people will use one by the end of 2026. 

Poland may not be your first guess when you wonder which country is leading the way in digital wallets. But you’d be surprised. Poland actually has quite a few advancements in digital payment technology. There’s an interesting backstory behind this technological feat, and it all starts with casinos.

How Online Casinos Boosted Poland’s Technology

Sure enough, online casinos got the ball rolling with digital payments in Poland. Initially, Poland was an “all cash” society. Naturally, this is a problem for online casinos. Online gambling sites needed an easy way to make electronic payments. If you’re looking for an online casino that makes withdrawals super easy, can help you find the perfect casino that uses the app BLIK.

BLIK is a payment app that makes sending and withdrawing money super easy. Once people started embracing it for entertainment, they realized how easy BLIK is. Poles instantly started using BLIK for all other sorts of payments like online purchases, or even sending money to friends. 

Is Poland the Future of Payments?

Digital wallets offer a lot of advantages to people who use them. If you regularly use multiple currencies, a digital wallet can give you favorable conversation rates. They can also make transferring money super easy. And if you’re into online gambling, you absolutely need a digital wallet. 

Credit cards are becoming obsolete. In Poland, people almost never use a credit card. Instead, they either use cash or BLIK. In many ways, Poles are ahead of the digital payments game. 

Digital wallets are poised to replace credit cards. If you want to easily make payments online, digital wallets are the way to go!


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