Disney World Reopening With Safety Measures and Restrictions

Disney World Reopening

Disney had closed down all its theme parks around the world including the US about two months ago amid Coronavirus spread. They just announced the Disney World reopening plans on May 16. The Disney Parks posted on their blog as to how they plan to reopen parks in the first phase. Disney Springs will open from May 20, but there is no information about the other parks. However, the parks will not go back to normal. Enhanced safety measures will be put in place keeping in mind that the virus isn’t gone.

Disney World Reopening Plans and Measures

Walt Disney World Resort has shared a small clip that mentions all the safety guidelines in place. These guidelines are in accordance with the CDC guidelines. They aim to keep the people visiting the park safe from any chance of infection.

Entrances and Parking

Only four entrances to the park will be active. These will be Orange and Lime Garages, pedestrian bridge, rideshare location, and Hotel Plaza Boulevard. For the parking, all surface lots are closed and guests will have to park their own vehicles. Moreover, Orange and Lime garages are the only ones that will be available for parking purposes.

Face Cover

Everyone visiting Disney Springs will have to wear some form of face cover. This means that you will not be able to enter the park without masks. Even the staff off the facility has been instructed to wear masks and protective equipment. Guests need to wear masks covering their mouth and nose at all times. All third-party participants also need to wear face masks at all times. This is an important move, keeping safety in mind.

Temperature Screening

You will have to undergo thermal screening upon arrival at the park. 100.4 has been kept as the benchmark. People having a temperature below 100.4 can enter immediately. Those exhibiting a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent to another area for additional medical assistance. If the said person continues to show a temperature higher than 100.4 in subsequent tests, they cannot enter the park. The people in their group will also be prohibited from entering the park. Hence, you should test your own temperature beforehand if you plan to visit the park.

Capacity and Social Distancing

Only a limited amount of people will be allowed to enter the park each day. This operation at limited capacity is done in order to maintain distancing. Social distancing at all times is mandatory, even when standing in ques.


There will be an enhanced level of cleanliness especially in the areas that need to be frequently visited. Hand sanitizer and Hand-wash places are available everywhere and guests should use them often.

Cashless Transactions

Facilities for Cashless transactions have been set up throughout the park and guests should use them often.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see that parks are now opening up, that too with enhanced safety measures. However, you must always remain cautious since the virus is not gone. Also, it is difficult to assume how many people would risk visiting amusement parks amidst such a crisis. This is especially because you cannot be absolutely socially distant from the people you come in contact with.


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