DJ Khaled Has Set A New Sense To Secure The Bag Alert

DJ Khaled

It seems as DJ Khaled is also as excited as all of us would for winning the huge amount of 1.6 billion dollars. It will be drawing for the Mega Millions tonight. Using the Instagram platform the Best CEO showed the excessive amount of tickets he purchased tonight at the gas station.

It’s not exactly known how much was dropped by Khaled in order to purchase the $2 tickets. However, the working lady seems to possess a stack of hundred, might be even a grand couple.

Currently making just $2 bucks purchase, Khaled thinks now he has higher chances to win and be that lucky winner. However, these odds at winning this are just around 1 in 302 million. Merging all these possibilities, the winning chance is astronomically low. But Khaled is at the verge of trying his best.

As per the reports, the lump sum cash price is about $900 million for the winner. However, half would be taken by the Government. Thereby, overall, in case there is one winner they would be winning around a cash price of 500 million after taxes. SO the winner would be as wealthy as Beyonce just over a night.

In fact, it is nearly impossible to win. However, it is truly fun thinking what will be you doing with such a handsome amount, isn’t it? The next hour the drawing would be going down so get ready with your tickets.

Have you ever purchased such tickets in hundreds to increase your winning chance? let us know your thoughts and guess whether DJ Khaled will win or not?