Donald Trump Terminates Ties With World Health Organization

Donald Trump Terminates Ties With World Health Organization

On Friday, May 29, Donald Trump said that the US is “terminating” collaborations with World Health Organization. The President has been angry about the way WHO has failed to enact in terms of coronavirus handling. He also assumes that WHO is bias towards China and that they allegedly hid the severity of COVID-19.

Donald Trump Terminates ties with WHO

Trump said that since WHO has failed to meet the needed reforms, US will terminate its collaboration with the organization. He also said that the funds that were sent WHO will be sent to organizations that deserve and serve global health needs.

In the course, the President also mentioned about how China has responded and conducted in terms of trade, its behavior towards Hong Kong, and more. Trump stated that the world is suffering due to the “misfeasance” of China.

The President had already announced that he would stop funding for WHO and announced to freeze the organization permanently if they couldn’t produce substantive reforms. US has been most contributing towards the agency by paying almost $450 million every year. On the contrary, China pays $50 million to WHO per year. However, due to the recent flak from America, the Chinese President announced to pay $2 billion in support of WHO.

America has voiced concerns regarding WHO official’s loyalty and transparency. WHO is answerable as to why they did not take the warning seriously from Taiwan. Also, why they did not forsee the severity of the “Chinese virus”! Donald Trump has also clarified about the opposition from the officials of WHO to his decision to levy travel ban to/fro China when coronavirus just started spreading.

Trump stated that China did not report to WHO or pressured them to mislead the rest of the world when coronavirus was discovered. Countless people have died and the economy is facing a major blow. These are the reasons why Donald Trump terminates ties with WHO.

Trump targeted China directly and said that he will levy a proclamation to safeguard university researches. He will also stop the entry of Chinese individuals to the US as they’re a security risk.

Trump’s thoughts about Hong Kong’s autonomy

Trump has also accused the nation of “smothering” the freedom of Hong Kong due to the security law that is likely to hold back opposition and criminalize anti-government actions. Such actions are similar to pro-democracy demonstration happening in the territory in recent years.

According to the State Department, Hong Kong is not autonomous anymore. Beijing has taken steps to stop the freedom as discussed during 1997 after the British handed over the region. Trump called it “plain violation” and how China is replacing its formula of one country with two system with one country with one system.

Trump also announced that America will eliminate policy exemptions towards Hong Kong. These will include everything from extradition treaty to exports on dual-use tech and some more exceptions. The President also added that the State Department’s travel advisory for Hong Kong will be revised to keep a check on the increased danger of punishment and surveillance by China. Moreover, the US will revoke Hong Kong’s preferential treatment as a different custom and travel. They will take steps to sanction officials involved in removing Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Finally, he added that entire world is electrified by positivity that Hong Kong would be a part of China’s future. However, they failed to see that it is going to be the reflection of China’s past.


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