Ebike Maintenance: How to Maintain Ebike Chain


Who hasn’t experienced this? After a few weeks break, you get the electric bike out of the cellar again. When you start pedaling, the chain drive makes a squeaking and creaking sound. You will be slightly annoyed by the sound, which inevitably affects your riding experience as well.

So positive chain maintenance is critical in running any electric bike. It helps to improve performance and increase the lifetime of the e-bike. It is better to ensure that your ebike chain is in good condition before you start riding for the day. Before we get into how to maintain a chain of full suspension ebike, we’re first going to run through some of the reasons why should you do that.

Why should you maintain your ebike chain?

The chain is an essential part of any electric bike. Maintain your chain, and it will give miles of pleasant riding. Keeping it clean and lubricated is essential to the longevity and proper functioning of the drivetrain of your ebike. In fact, a clean and well-lubricated ebike chain will last a lot longer than its dirty and non-lubricated counterpart.

Regular maintenance of your ebike chain will also increase the longevity of all the parts that come into contact with it. This will save you money in the long run. A clean chain also makes for a smoother and quieter ride, because dirty chains are noisy and can make gear changes feel and seem clunky.

Therefore, you should routinely maintain your chain to extend its lifespan. Every few rides, especially immediately following any dirty rides, clean your chain. After that, you should add a good lubricant and make sure you lubricate it before each ride.

How often should I clean my ebike chain?


Some riders may wonder how often we should clean the ebike chain. Actually, it depends on how often you ride the ebike and the type of terrain you ride on. If you only ride your bike on weekends, you can clean it once a month. But if you ride your ebike every day, you should clean it at least once a week. Of course, it would be best if you could clean the electric bike after every ride.

However, if you ride in some terrible conditions, like a wet road or muddy terrain, you have better clean your ebike chain more frequently since it can cause the chain to rust. More importantly, if you hear a noisy chain sound or feel the chain clogged, you must clean your chain immediately and check your bike chain thoroughly. When you notice that the chain is in poor condition, it is time for you to replace it with a new one.

Tips for ebike chain maintenance

The most important aspects of ebike chain maintenance are cleaning and lubrication. As a critical part of your ebike, it’s important to keep your chain clean and to function properly for optimal performance. Here are some tips for keeping your chain clean and lubricated.

Check your chain for wear and damage

The rollers and other parts of your ebike chain are in continual action, which means they are susceptible to wear and tear, and there is also a risk of rust and corrosion. To keep the chain rolling smoothly over a longer period, it is vital to check for signs of wear on the chain and see if it has been damaged.

If there is significant wear or damage, it may be necessary to replace the chain. Besides, if you notice any areas that are starting to show signs of wear, you can take action and get them repaired as soon as possible. You can get various accessories for maintaining your bike from Magicycle as they provide the best quality and performance.

Use a chain brush to remove dirt and debris

The chains of electric bikes for adults can become dirty very quickly, which can lead to decreased performance and efficiency. Obviously, cleaning is an important step in maintaining your ebike chain. So, how do you clean your bike’s chain properly?

When it comes to properly cleaning your ebike chain, using a chain brush is the most effective way to do it. You can use the brush to sweep the dirt and debris off of the chain. But be sure to brush in both directions around the circumference of the chain. Then you’ll be able to keep your bike running smoothly and prolong its life.

Use a chain lube

The secret to a long chain life and easy movement is to keep it lubricated. If the chain is not regularly lubricated, you are unlikely to enjoy the smooth ride of your electric bike for sale. There are several different types of chain lubricants on the market. Each is designed for a specific purpose. Some are designed to prevent the chain from rusting, while others are designed to reduce friction.

It is important to use the correct type of chain lube for your ebike, and it is also important to keep the chain clean and lubricated. Chain lube not only helps to reduce the friction caused by the movement of the chain but also helps to prevent the chain from becoming too dry and causing severe wear.

How to lubricate your ebike chain

Proper lubrication of the chain is essential. Lubricating a bicycle chain does not have to be a difficult task, as long as you do it accurately. In addition to making the squeaking noise disappear, this ensures a longer life for your chains and sprockets. Here’s a quick guide on lubricating your ebike chain in good condition:

1. Make sure the ebike chain is clean

Before adding the lubricant oil, make sure the chain is as clean as possible. There is no point in applying lube to the dirt as it will continue to rub on all your chain links. So don’t put the lubricating oil before cleaning the chain. You can use a wet rag to remove the dirt. If your chain is in really yucky shape, you might need to use a scouring tool.

2. Drip the degreaser

Then, you need to drip the degreaser over the ebike chain. Fill a small squeeze bottle with a degreaser and drip it over the chain while slowly rotating the pedals backward. And you should be careful to avoid applying degreaser on the brake calipers or pads. Because the degreaser can contaminate these parts and limit their functionality.

3. Rinse off the degreaser

The next step is to rinse off any residual degreaser with clean water. Wipe the chain with a rag or cloth until it is no longer black. If your chain is particularly dirty, you may need to repeat the degreasing process. But if the chain is clean, you can use another clean rag to wipe the chain for quicker drying.

4. Apply the lube

After the chain is dry, it is time for you to apply lubricant. As you spin the pedal backward, hold the bottle’s tip close to the chain directly and drip the lubricating oil on the chain’s links. Make sure each connection has one drop of lubricant on it. In addition, take care to remove any excess lubricant from the chain. Excess lube oil attracts dirt and dust, so cleaning it will help keep your chain from becoming excessively filthy.

That’s all the steps to lubricate the chain of your electric mountain bike. Some riders might think it is too complicated. If you think so, you can opt for a belt-driven electric bike. During a year of riding a belt-driven ebike, you may just need to maintain it for estimated 4-5 times. If you are planning to buy a belt-driven electric bike, the Magicycle Commuter Ebike can be your first choice. It is lightweight, and its frame is designed to be stylish for you to have wonderful rides.

Note on chain lubrication


  • Do not lubricate the chain when it is filthy or dusty. Adding Lube to a filthy or dusty region can increase friction. Besides, oils with a lesser viscosity will leak or flow if the surface isn’t clean.
  • Lubricants should also not be applied when the chain surface is wet. The oil absorbs the water. Over time, it will lose its stickiness. That is why you must lubricate your bike after riding in the rain or in very wet conditions.


If you haven’t already committed to establishing a regular ebike maintenance routine, now is the time to start. Understanding the benefits of maintaining your ebike chain, how to maintain and lubricate it, and what to look for when lubricating it will help you extend the performance and life of your bicycle chain. Once you’ve completed the maintenance processes of your ebike chain, you will never want to ride an ebike that doesn’t have a clean chain again!



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