EU and US Impose Sanctions on Top Officials of Myanmar Due to Coup

EU and US impose sanctions on top officials of Myanmar due to military coup

EU and US impose sanctions on top leaders of Myanmar, linked with the recent military coup. Several anti-coup protestors came to the streets on two consecutive days, even after the violent pushback by the regime.

EU has issued to freeze assets and ban visas for the commander-in-chief of the military, Min Aung Hlaing. He is not the only one – there are nine more senior officers. The head of Myanmar’s election commission is also banned.

EU and US impose sanctions on leaders of

A statement was sent out by the EU that recorded that the sanctions exhibit a robust response to illegitimate overthrowing a democratically elected government. The repression by the junta on protestors who were peacefully marching is also a reason for such sanctions.

The Treasury Department of the US sanctioned the police chief of Myanmar and an army involved with special operations. The statement released included the usage of lethal forces against the demonstrators. Moreover, the US has levied sanctions on top coup officials of Myanmar.

The junta did not present an immediate response to the list of actions taken by international communities. Andrea Gacki, the director of US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, stated that the lethal violence of Burmese security forces against peaceful protestors needs to stop.

Demonstrators in Myanmar protested on two consecutive days before the sanction. They started marching before dawn and along the main road of Mandalay. The march includes nurses, doctors, students, medical personnel, and more. Many were seen wearing white coats. Several motorists honked away to respond to a call on social media at the capital of Yangon.

Disputes in Myanmar

The country has seen turmoil since its army imprisoned de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi and more members of the civilian government on February 1.

Three people were murdered during a violent clash between protestors and police. Two of these cases happened in Mandalay, which is the second-largest city and hub for the opposition.

The Human Rights Office from the UN reported that at least 224 people had been killed at the hands of the police. Many of them were in custody as well. UN also revealed that the numbers could be more than 250, as reported by spokesperson Farhan Haq.

According to an activist group, Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, around 2000 people were detained from the time the coup began.

Authorities of Australia stated that two people identified as business people were detained in Myanmar. The Australian government did not offer further details due to privacy concerns.

UN condemns the military coup at Myanmar

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the UN, condemned the brutal attack on civilians by Myanmar. This came after eight anti-coup protestors were murdered at Aungban. A spokesperson of Guterres said that the killing of protestors and arbitrary arrests, including people like journalists, is highly unacceptable. He further said the military is defying UN Security Council calls and is going against fundamental human rights.

A unified response from international countries is an urgent requirement. The secretary-general will stand with human rights and wishes to see Myanmar peaceful, stable, and prosperous again.


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