Facebook Data Breach: What To Do Next?

Facebook data breach

Facebook has notified its users of an enormous data breach. It has affected around 50 million users. On the 25th September afternoon, this breach took place.

The social media giant tells it is unknown what kind of exact data has been targeted. However, in yesterday’s updated statement it is mentioned that users who use multiple accounts on Facebook are greatly affected by this massive data breach.

How do you know if you’ve been impacted?

In case you are also affected by the breach, you would have been logged out yesterday in your Facebook account. Also, the social network notified that affected people would have received a message on their News Feed top regarding the happened event.

Although, a significant thing to consider: you were not inevitably breached if logged out. Because Facebook also logged out everybody who used the feature ‘View As’ as this is a precautionary measure taken to avoid vulnerability.

The social network also tells this will result into another group of people comprising around 40 million users or even more than this to get log back into their accounts. further said: “We do not currently have any evidence that suggests these accounts have been compromised.”

Has the issue been fixed?

Yes, as per Facebook. It believes that the security vulnerability has been fixed. This allowed hackers to exploit a Facebook’s code weakness for accessing the ‘View As’ privacy tool that enables users to have a look at their profile how it appears to friends and other people.

Then, the attacker would be capable of snipping the tokens for access that enable people to keep logged into their accounts. Afterward, Facebook admits, in order to take over users; profiles, they can also use them.

Thereby, temporarily Facebook will be turning off the ‘View As’ option. Meanwhile, it will conduct an inclusive security review.


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