Facts About Blue Nose Pitbull You Should Know

Pet lovers always feel proud if they have this pit bull breed. We will tell you facts about the blue nose pit bull that you should know.

Pure Blue nose pitbulls

There are many varieties of the pit bull are available. The blue nose pit bull is one of an amazing pit bull breed. Pet lovers always feel proud if they have this pit bull breed. We will tell you facts about the blue nose pit bull that you should know.

If you are a pet lover and want a friendly dog breed in your home, then must take a look at it. Furthermore, in this modern world, almost in every house pet is present and most people keep the pet.

One of the pit bull breeds is called a blue nose pit bull. As you know, the average color of the dog’s nose is black, but one kind of the pit bull has a blue nose as their name implies. Blue nose pit bull looks aggressive but, it is quite friendly. They are one of an unusual choice for a pet puppy.

Let’s talk about the facts of Blue Nose Pit Bull

1. The weight of this popular breed is 60 to 85lbs and its height 1.6 feet to 2 feet.

2. They are the loyal, sensitive, and loving pet that you can keep indoor and outdoor.

3. The upper skin of this beautiful breed is soft and silky with bluish and greyish color.

4. The lifespan of a blue nose is 10 to 15 years.
5. People always keep puppies as home pets. People want to keep those who have some extra senses, and this breed is one of them who can perform roles of smelling, hunting, and protection.
6. Moreover, dogs and humans can be the best friend. We always love those pet who can take care of us as well as our home.
7. Training: You can train a blue nose pit bull according to your choice. They are small but loveable pet. Kids always enjoy them. These puppies perform very well if you train them. Even though, they can play physical tasks such as carry your bag or wheelchair strips from the mouth, etc.

This breed has obedience behavior when you train them as you want. But, the issues is that their training takes too much time. Meanwhile, if you prepare them properly, its reward will be priceless.

You can hire professional trainers to make a perfect pet for home. In the beginning, they give you some results like walk, stay, jump, and sit.

8. As you know, pit bull looks aggressive but, they have friendly and intelligent behavior.

9. Meanwhile, they are the best companion during your walk.
10. Social Behavior: The best qualities of the pit bull are their social behavior like they do not show aggressive behavior towards other behaviors.

Moreover, you love their habits like they do not snatch from others or eating on tables. They remain in their self and do not show too much-excited actions.

11.Emotional behavior: They have emotions like humans; therefore, these puppies can be your best friend. Even though when humans feel depression or anxiety, they hug you or licking your face so that your mood could better. They will always be with you no matter what is the situation.

12. Favorite Food: One of the most exciting facts is that they love apples. Even if you hide, they can smell and find the apples but, will eat when you order.
Apple is their favorite food .if they eat in the early morning; they feel energetic all day.
They live fresh air and an open environment. If you make a diet plan for the pit bull, they will always follow in the same way.

13. Health Issues: Many times, we ignore health issues of pet and consider minor issues. If you have a blue nose pit bull as a pet them must know about their problems and treat them appropriately. Pitbull mostly has these disease such as Cataracts, skin diseases, Cancer, poor vision, grass allergies, deafness, and stubbornness.

14. Price: If you want to purchase this beautiful breed, then you can get in $1000 to $2800. If you want to purchase blue nose pit bull and can bear its expenses, then buy the 10 to 15 years old pit bull.


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