Fans Criticized Kendall Jenner About her Daily Face Wash Routine

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner posted a video on Twitter with a caption “My daily face washing routine never gets old @proactiv_ambassador”. She got immense criticism from fans and followers. Let’s find out more.

The 23-year-old model publishes this video on Wednesday 12 June. In this video, she gave a demo of her face wash routine.

At the start of the video, she turned on the water tap and squeezed a drop of proactiv’s deep cleansing face wash on her hands. She rubbed her hands and then started placing the product on the face. Then she massaged face wash for a few seconds. She rinsed of product from her face by getting water from the tap which was running already.

Now when people watched this video, they criticized the model that why she kept water tap on while she was massaging. She could have to save water.

A Twitter user commented that ‘it gives me so much anxiety when she did not turn the water off.’

Another said,  ‘I did feel so guilty if I left the water running for a long time.

One more Twitter user said ‘Ugh I am cringing; please do not keep the water running while scrubbing your face, and please save water, Kendall.’

Other people criticized her that she washed off her face very quickly. She only took 10 seconds to wash her face. According to Dermatologist, the ideal time to wash your face is 20 to 60 seconds.

Some twitter user made fun of her quickly face wash routine by saying that she might want to clear the product from her face with a fear of getting caught by Kylie- who won’t like her to use Kylie face wash products.

It is quite normal that celebrities share their normal skin care routine with the general public. However, the way Kendall kept running water from the tap while she could have turned it off became the main reason for this criticism.



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