What is the Best Eating Plan for a Fat Protein Diet?

fat protein efficient diet

Everybody desires a sound mind in a healthy body. All of our habits including eating, working out influence our health. Proper eating habits positively influence your lifestyle. Before we begin to explore and design a perfect diet plan, let us address important aspects of dieting. Does everybody require the same macronutrients in the exact same fat protein efficient diet? Our bodies are all different in personality features, stature, health conditions and so are our dietary needs. There so many features so you may want to essay writing for hire on this topic. To explore the perfect diet plan that well suits your body, you need to understand the term metabolic typing diet.

In the recent books published on dieting, people are classified based on their metabolic types. Different categories include fast oxidizers, slow oxidizers or mixed oxidizers. The diets are recommended according to your metabolic type. The recommended diet for fast oxidizers is a high protein, high-fat high low carbohydrate diet. The fat protein efficient diet perfectly suitable for fast oxidizers comprises 45 to 50% proteins, 30 to 35% of carbohydrates and 20% fats.

Finding your metabolic type and choosing the perfect diet plan can radically change your life.

Fat protein efficient diet involves eating dark-colored food products that are rich in purine. Some of the foods rich in purine include fish such as salmon, dark meat chicken. The plate should be full of substances rich in proteins and fat. As the name suggests, fast oxidizers suggest these people can oxidize and digest their food faster and easier. So, one on a fat protein efficient diet must include fat dairy products in their diet plan. They prove more beneficial to their health than no-fat dairy products. The important sources of fat dairy products are whole fat cheese, cream, 2% milk and eggs.

Fruits and Vegetables including in Fat protein efficient diets

Fat protein efficient diets also involve consuming various fruits and vegetables. A plate full of whole grains can be a good source to fulfill carbohydrate needs in the diet. Creating the fat protein efficient diet plan including all the antioxidants and micronutrients improves the body’s natural food digesting capability. This leads to better nourishment of your body. A healthy balance between eating and working out habits is a must while following any diet plan.

Many people tend to believe that calorie intakes are solely responsible for the weight gain. This is a pure misconception. Reducing the intake of calories beyond a particular point can cause damage to bodily functions. The proper school of thought is to healthily maintain a specific number of calories in your diet.

This is how the fat protein efficient diet works:

fat protein efficient diet stresses the inclusion of meat, eggs, fish and olive oil in your diet. One is recommended to eat six times a day. The important part of your meal should consist of eggs, olive oil, meat, and fish. Eat a full portion of each food during the meals in a day. You can slowly add carbohydrates like quinoa lentils, beans over some weeks. Make sure you eat enough eggs in the night and the morning to prevent loss of the muscle mass.

These fat protein efficient diet plans are not suitable for all the body types:

The popularity of fat protein efficient diet plans has gained fame during the past few years. Media promotes it as a weight-loss strategy and diet to reduce body fat. But a fat protein efficient diet is definitely not suitable for all body types. Three body types are mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph.

The human body can be a combination of more than one of these body types. Endomorphs are well built-in stature with increased body fat. In the metabolic typing, they turn out as slow oxidizers. It is because their bodies have a large storage of nutrients with little tendency to use them. Thus they are mostly fatigued and low bodily functioning individuals. Endomorphs are better functioning with a carbohydrate efficient diet than the fat protein efficient diet.

The bodies demand nutrients that can be easily oxidized and used like carbohydrates because their bodies tend to slowly oxidize the food.

Thus carbohydrate efficient diet plans are better for their metabolism rather than fat protein efficient diet plans. Mesomorphs develop really well when all the essential micronutrients are consumed within moderate proportions. The diet that includes 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein, and 20% fat works best for them. Ectomorphs are almost perfectly suitable for the fat protein efficient diet plan. Their bodies function really well with a fat protein efficient diet. Type A people in metabolic typing function really well on this diet. Type A people are generally more prone to anxiety and experience fatigue.

Various body factors should be carefully studied before you choose a diet plan because what works well for others may not be the best thing for you. The individual with high cellular oxidation and having dominance of parasympathetic or sympathetic can function best on a fat protein efficient diet. Their metabolism is such that this diet plan is best for them. These individuals have really very strong appetites because their body oxidizes and utilizes food fast.

How can your brain affect your suitability for a fat protein efficient diet for your body:

Autonomic nervous system influences most of our bodily activities thus it also influences our digestive processes. There are two parts of the autonomic nervous system one is called sympathetic and the second called parasympathetic nervous systems. The balance between your sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system controls your digestion and metabolism. If your parasympathetic nervous system is more dominant than the sympathetic nervous system then you are a fast oxidizer. You can oxidize food faster and are perfect for a fat protein efficient diet plan.

Fat Protein Efficient Diet Plan:

Let us consider the sources of macronutrients mainly proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the diet.

Sources of protein:

Chicken, turkey, salmon, eggs, Greek yogurt tuna, white fish, lean grass-fed red meat, whey protein powder, and cottage cheese are excellent sources of the protein in the diet.

Sources of carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are best available in sweet potato, brown rice, rolled oats, beans, quinoa, apples, berries, buckwheat, whole grain tortilla, and whole-grain bread.

Sources of fats:

Fats can be consumed by eating almonds, coconut oil, avocado, flaxseed, chia seeds, pecans, olive oil, almond butter, peanut butter, and salmon.

 Low carbohydrate/High-fat meal plan:

Breakfast: You can eat egg scrambled in butter, bacon and some coffee.

Snack: You can either have six slices of cucumber with one teaspoon each Buffalo chicken dip or hard-boiled eggs. You can also try ten slices pepperoni, one oz. Sartori cheese.

Lunch: There are plenty of lunch options available

  1. Two handfuls of organic mixed greens with blue cheese dressing, half chicken breast diced.
  2. Two handfuls of organic mixed greens with blue cheese dressing and can be topped with tuna fish, three cherry tomatoes.
  3. Taco salad.

You can choose one of them for the day.

Evening snack:

  1. Two slices of bacon, one ounce of Sartori cheese.
  2. 1 oz Sartori cheese, ten slices pepperoni.
  3. Two slices of bacon, coffee.
  4. Six slices cucumber with one teaspoon each Buffalo chicken dip.
  5. Hard-boiled egg diced.



There are numerous dining options

  1. One chicken breast with six spears of asparagus.
  2. White flaky fish with Macaroni Grill’s lemon butter sauce, six bacon roasted Brussels sprouts.
  3. Taco salad with ground beef and homemade taco seasoning.
  4. Cheeseburger, one handful of salad with blue cheese dressing.
  5. Chicken wings with homemade wing sauce and one large handful salad with blue cheese dressing.
  6. Chicken breasts topped with pepperoni and then rolled up and baked for thirty minutes.

Risk in high protein diets:

Individuals on a high protein diet tend to lose weight more quickly. This is because the carbohydrate supplies in the body are diminished. It can further lead to ketosis. Ketosis has its own sets of complications including nausea, irritability and sleeping problems. High protein diets can cause problems for individuals with kidney problems. So the patients suffering from kidney, liver diseases, liver cirrhosis should seek medical opinion and avoid a high protein diet.

Sources of proteins for vegetarians:

Milk – full of casein protein, milk is one of the easiest options to fulfill dietary protein requirements. It should be coupled with other protein-rich food to fulfill dietary protein requirements in vegetarians. Yogurt, kidney beans(they are also a good source of micronutrients like iron, manganese, folate, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium), paneer, brown rice, oats, nuts especially almonds, broccoli, moong beans, beans, soybeans and most importantly lentils/pulses are the best sources of protein in the vegetarian diet.

One should properly consider their body type, metabolic type and choose different diet plans. A good nutritionist can help you create such plans. The ultimate goal is to create a healthy relationship between your food and lifestyle.


 1] Is a fat protein efficient diet suitable for everybody trying to lose weight?


No, every human body has different dietary requirements. Broadly the human body types are classified as an ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. According to metabolism typing, an individual can be a fast or slow oxidizer. Endomorphs are slow oxidizers and they function well on carbohydrate efficient diets better than fat protein efficient diets. On the other hand, ectomorphs are fast oxidizers and function well on a fat protein efficient diet. So, according to your body type and metabolism type that you can either be carbohydrate efficient or fat and protein efficient. So a fat and protein diet is not suitable for everybody.

2] What is metabolic typing and how does it determine whether I should be on a fat protein efficient diet?


The food you eat is digested by your body depending on the signals by the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. The rate of oxidation of food in your body determines whether you are a fast oxidizer or a slow oxidizer. If the parasympathetic system is dominant over the sympathetic system then the rate of oxidation of food is higher in your body.

These individuals are categorized as fast oxidizers.

They are prone to anxiety and experience fatigue. A fat protein efficient diet works best for them .40%proteins, 40%fats and 20% carbohydrates should be part of their diet. They should also consume enough micronutrients and antioxidants. If you are slow oxidizers like endomorph body type then you are good with a carbohydrate efficient diet. Your body needs instant energy which is easily obtained by the breakdown of complex carbohydrates. Thus, your body type and metabolism type determines whether you should go for a carbohydrate efficient diet or fat protein efficient diet.

3] Is there any risk involved with a fat protein efficient diet plan?


Individuals on a high protein diet tend to lose weight more quickly. This is because of the diminished carbohydrate supplies in the body. It can further lead to ketosis. Ketosis involves its own set of complications including nausea, sleeping problems, irritability. For someone suffering from kidney disorders, a high protein efficient diet can lead to renal problems. Patients suffering from kidney disorders, liver disorders, and liver cirrhosis are advised to take medical advice and avoid high protein-rich diets.

4] What are the sources of proteins in a vegetarian diet?


Milk, kidney beans (they are also a good source of a variety of micronutrients like magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorous, folate and potassium), lentils, pulses, yogurt, paneer, brown rice, oats, nuts especially almonds, broccoli, soybeans are important dietary sources of proteins for vegetarians.

5] I feel hungry all the time. What is the best diet plan for me?


According to metabolic typing fast oxidizers usually feel hungry because your body has efficiently oxidized the food. These individuals always crave for sweet or salty food. If you are one of them then a fat protein efficient diet would be more beneficial for your body than a carbohydrate efficient diet.

You should include 40%fats, 40%proteins, and 20% carbohydrates in your diet.

Make sure that you choose fat dairy products like whole fat cheese, cream, 2% milk and eggs. Also, eat protein foods with high amounts of purine like dark meat chicken and salmon. Do try to include wholesome carbohydrates in your food rather than starchy ones. You can add quinoa etc over some weeks.




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